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Close-up on the floor of the syringe with the drug. In the background, a young drug addict.
Chasing an Angry Fix: Greenville’s Heroin Addiction

by Spencer Bennington Guardian contributor Teaching freshman writing is a pretty inaccurate descript

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Photo: Lisa Ellison
A Day in the Life: Uptown Pastoral

by Thomas Herron Guest columnist A Day in the Life is a rotating invitational column. Writers are a

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In Merchant's Alley, outside Starlight Cafe on 5th Street. Photo: Lisa Ellison
Before the Death Rattle: the End of Life Care Coalition of Eastern Carolina

This is the second in a series profiling organizations doing good work in the community. The first w

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UPDATED: Mercer Confirms Electoral Intentions
UPDATED: Mercer Confirms Electoral Intentions

Guardian Staff report UPDATED, Wednesday, May 20, 9 a.m. — In a press release distributed via

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Heaven's War. Harris and Gaydos.
Local Author Writes the Hidden into Being: A Profile of Micah Harris

by Spencer Bennington Guardian contributor Typically when you ask a writer to relay his or her singl

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