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EXTENDED: An Offer You Can’t – Er, That’s Pretty Hard To – Refuse

EXTENDED: An Offer You Can’t – Er, That’s Pretty Hard To – Refuse

UPDATE, 10 a.m., January 2: We’re tallying totals and expecting several more checks by mail, but for just a few more days, we’re also still seeking Angels! Enough readers have already committed their financial support to the Guardian that we can increase our coverage and content through July. The question is: Do readers like you – those […]

Candidate Links

For you folks who’ve waited until the last possible moment to learn a little about the candidates, here’s the Guardian’s list of links to candidates’ websites. For your last-minute viewing ease, Republicans are red, Democrats blue. Since this is a primary election, your ballot will only have people from the party you’re registered for, the […]

We’ll be here soon – spread the word!

Welcome to the future home of The Greenville Guardian, a new media project for a new Greenville, North Carolina. At this site you will soon find original journalism addressing key issues too long ignored by Greenville’s legacy media – and legacy leaders. Once little more than a crossroads “down east,” Greenville now stands at a crossroads […]

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