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Greenville’s Own Film Fest: An Interview with the Founder

Photo source: Tommy Faircloth

by Lisa Ellison Guardian editor When I heard that Tipsy Teapot at Limelight was hosting their first TeaDance Gay and Lesbian Film Festival this fall, I sent off an email to find out more. “Whoever is in charge” turned out to be Tommy Faircloth, a writer and director from Columbia, SC. In our email interview, […]

Guardian Interviews Joyner

Photo: City of Greenville

by Lisa Ellison Max Joyner, three-term District 5 representative sat down with the Greenville Guardian editor on Tuesday Dec. 3. Joyner was born and raised in Greenville, and the conversation began with his family’s long history in the city. “During the depression, they built Guy Smith Stadium–the same [type stadium] that was built in Tarboro, Rocky […]

Mitchell Talks About Time on Council

Dennis Mitchell

by Lisa Ellison Dennis Mitchell, the one-term At-Large City Council representative (2011-2013) sat down with the Greenville Guardian on Tuesday and said a little about his experience on council and what might be next for him. Did you like being on council? I did. I guess now that I’m off I probably appreciate it and enjoy […]

Mubarak, Morsi and Military Overthrow: Interview with an Egyptian

An Egyptian protester, courtesy Ahmad Hammoud, Creative Commons.

Editor’s note: The United States government this week temporarily suspended military aid to Egypt in response to the Egyptian army’s ouster of democratically elected President Mohammed Morsi, and the rounding up and jailing of members of the Muslim Brotherhood earlier this year. The events were the latest twist in Egypt’s continuing struggle for democracy after […]

Go Laugh, Greenville

Go Laugh, Greenville

by Lisa Wilbourne Matt “Whitey” White’s animated expressions, well-placed movements and graceful yet determined path through his responses make it easy to see why he’d choose Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor as his favorite comedians, the top of the game, according to White: Carrey for his physical comedy; Murphy for his verbal skills […]

Wayne Bowers: Advice for Greenville’s Leaders

Wayne Bowers

Our five-part discussion with former Greenville City Manager Wayne Bowers concludes. Click the links for earlier installments. Part one     Part two     Part three     Part four By Anthony Noel GREENVILLE GUARDIAN: Is staying in Greenville something you’re interested in, or are you willing to pick up and move? WAYNE BOWERS: (smiling)We’re planning on […]

Wayne Bowers: We Need a Transformational Project

Wayne Bowers addressing city council

Part four of our discussion with former Greenville City Manager Wayne Bowers. Click each link for previous installments:  Part one     Part two     Part three     Series schedule By Anthony Noel GREENVILLE GUARDIAN: If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about Greenville – physically or organizationally – something that’s a […]

Exit Interview: Wayne Bowers

Wayne Bowers

From the Editor: During a two-week period in mid-January, three of Greenville’s key municipal managers announced their resignations: Police Chief William Anderson on January 13; Public Works Director Wes Anderson (no relation) on the 27th; and in between, on the 20th, City Manager Wayne Bowers. With interim appointees now in all three positions, it is […]

Exit Interview: Wayne Bowers (schedule)

Wayne Bowers addressing city council

  The Greenville Guardian’s in-depth interview with former City Manager Wayne Bowers begins Monday, March 19 with the first of five parts. Bowers, Greenville’s top manager for the past nine years, retired February 29. He was the last of three city managers whose resignations took effect that month, all of whom submitted their resignations in […]

Bowers on Management

The nearly simultaneous resignations of City Manager Wayne Bowers, Police Chief William Anderson and Public Works Director Wes Anderson stunned Greenville residents and political observers alike. One day before his last as the city’s top administrator, Bowers sat for an in-depth interview with The Greenville Guardian. It provides a fascinating perspective on the role of a city […]

Letter from the Editor

Welcome to The Greenville Guardian! I’m so glad you’re here! To set the mood for the in-depth journalism you’ll find when you visit The Guardian, I’ll give you the who, what, where, when, and why of it. Who? First, who is involved in creating The Greenville Guardian? It was created after three citizens eager to […]

We’ll be here soon – spread the word!

Welcome to the future home of The Greenville Guardian, a new media project for a new Greenville, North Carolina. At this site you will soon find original journalism addressing key issues too long ignored by Greenville’s legacy media – and legacy leaders. Once little more than a crossroads “down east,” Greenville now stands at a crossroads […]

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