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Human Rights Event Planned

The Association of Mexicans in North Carolina (AMEXCAN) is partnering with Witness for Peace Southeast, Pitt County NAACP and eight other organizations on Monday, April 2 to sponsor the Greenville Pilgrimage for Justice and Peace. This event is part of a 6-day 100-mile event to raise awareness for immigration reform, fair trade policies, and human […]

Wayne Bowers: Advice for Greenville’s Leaders

Wayne Bowers

Our five-part discussion with former Greenville City Manager Wayne Bowers concludes. Click the links for earlier installments. Part one     Part two     Part three     Part four By Anthony Noel GREENVILLE GUARDIAN: Is staying in Greenville something you’re interested in, or are you willing to pick up and move? WAYNE BOWERS: (smiling)We’re planning on […]

Youth Theater Draws Crowd

Youth Theater Draws Crowd

By Lisa Wilbourne Smiles and Frowns Playhouse held their opening-night performance of “The Jungle Book” at the 600-seat Doug Mitchell Memorial Theater in the Ayden Community Center for a nearly full house. Audience members were not deterred by the sudden downpour that flooded streets and sidewalks before the show. The 25th Anniversary of Smiles and Frowns […]

Wayne Bowers: We Need a Transformational Project

Wayne Bowers addressing city council

Part four of our discussion with former Greenville City Manager Wayne Bowers. Click each link for previous installments:  Part one     Part two     Part three     Series schedule By Anthony Noel GREENVILLE GUARDIAN: If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about Greenville – physically or organizationally – something that’s a […]

IMAGINE! 2nd Annual United Neighborhoods Conference

Jimmye Jones answers the question, "Why West Greenville?"

by Linda Leighty  Is a neighborhood even possible without neighbors? The engaged group of community citizens who attended the conference on Saturday 24 March would laugh out loud! Their focus, in an excellent forum organized and sponsored by Greenville’s Neighborhood Advisory Board and the Human Relations Council, was all about people and community. The conclusion from […]

Wayne Bowers: How I Manage

Part three of five in our discussion with former Greenville City Manager Wayne Bowers, who resigned February 29. (Click here for part one, here for part two. Full series schedule here.) By Anthony Noel In the previous installment, Bowers talked extensively about BMW deciding to build its American manufacturing plant in Spartanburg while he was […]

Wayne Bowers: BMW Comes to Spartanburg

Part two of a discussion with former Greenville City Manager Wayne Bowers, who resigned February 29. (Part One is here. Full series schedule here.) By Anthony Noel GREENVILLE GUARDIAN: So after your time in Tallahassee, then six years as city manager in Jacksonville Beach [Fla.] and a little over a year in Huntington [W.Va.], you […]

Local Foods Demonstration

CSA box. Photo by Kay Sokolovic.

By Kay Sokolovic A special event showcasing CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) was held at The Scullery in Uptown Greenville on Tuesday, March 20. Locavore Market founder, Angela DeCuzzi, and The Scullery owner, Matt Scully, presented and discussed multiple ways to use local produce and meats from a Locavore Market and Nooherooka Natural CSA. On display were […]

Exit Interview: Wayne Bowers

Wayne Bowers

From the Editor: During a two-week period in mid-January, three of Greenville’s key municipal managers announced their resignations: Police Chief William Anderson on January 13; Public Works Director Wes Anderson (no relation) on the 27th; and in between, on the 20th, City Manager Wayne Bowers. With interim appointees now in all three positions, it is […]

Exit Interview: Wayne Bowers (schedule)

Wayne Bowers addressing city council

  The Greenville Guardian’s in-depth interview with former City Manager Wayne Bowers begins Monday, March 19 with the first of five parts. Bowers, Greenville’s top manager for the past nine years, retired February 29. He was the last of three city managers whose resignations took effect that month, all of whom submitted their resignations in […]

Bowers on Management

The nearly simultaneous resignations of City Manager Wayne Bowers, Police Chief William Anderson and Public Works Director Wes Anderson stunned Greenville residents and political observers alike. One day before his last as the city’s top administrator, Bowers sat for an in-depth interview with The Greenville Guardian. It provides a fascinating perspective on the role of a city […]


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About Us

The Greenville Guardian was founded in 2012 to provide in-depth coverage and discussion of key issues affecting Greenville and Eastern North Carolina. We support strong neighborhoods, locally owned businesses, and environmental stewardship. We advocate high-quality civic, cultural, recreational, educational, and vocational opportunities and amenities as key elements of a thriving, sustainable society. Most critically, we insist […]

Letter from the Editor

Welcome to The Greenville Guardian! I’m so glad you’re here! To set the mood for the in-depth journalism you’ll find when you visit The Guardian, I’ll give you the who, what, where, when, and why of it. Who? First, who is involved in creating The Greenville Guardian? It was created after three citizens eager to […]

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