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Clarity Within Chaos: Megan Roberts’ “Matters of Record”

"Matters of Record" cover art by Chris Samia

By Lisa Wilbourne In “Matters of Record,” a recently published collection of nineteen poems, Megan Roberts gives each subject, all women found guilty of murder and executed from years spanning 1860 to 2005, a final touch of humanity. Taking a quote from a play of French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, Roberts opens her slim volume preparing […]

Uptown Public Art Fence Project

Uptown Public Art Fence Project

If you haven’t been to Uptown Greenville lately, you owe it to yourself to check out the progress of the current public arts project on Evans between 4th and 5th Streets. Patronize your favorite Uptown restaurant or try out a new one while you’re there. Click on a picture to open the gallery view.

From the Editor: Mayor as Manager

Bartlett, William Anderson, Wes Anderson, Moton and Bowers (no picture of Case was available)

Barbara Lipscomb became Greenville’s city manager in mid-August. During her second city council meeting a month later, she made it clear that she is not as interested in keeping city councilors happy as in performing the duties for which they’ve hired her. Under Greenville’s Council-Manager form of government the mayor and council are elected every […]

Reader Feedback Wanted: Elected Officials

Reader Feedback Wanted: Elected Officials

Every couple of years, city-dwellers vote on who will represent them. These elections pass by some residents unnoticed except perhaps the vague acknowledgment of a campaign sign. Others remain engaged with elected officials throughout the year and undoubtedly send them messages of encouragement, suggestions for their district or the city, or perhaps some chastisement for […]

Council Supports Clean Elections

City Council

by Lisa Wilbourne Greenville has joined nine other NC cities in speaking out for people’s constitutional rights. “Corporations are not people, and money is not speech” is the message of this resolution for clean elections. The vote was split 5-1. See their discussion here. “Big money can make a big difference and it doesn’t represent […]

Activists for Freedom

Activists for Freedom

by Lisa Wilbourne Nearly 150 years ago, slavery was made illegal in the United States. It looks a little different today, but nationally, globally and even locally, it remains a problem. Far away in India, women and girls are bought and sold and kept in brothels where they’re often subject to unimaginably cruel treatment. Read […]

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