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We’re Counting on You

We’re Counting on You

We’ve brought you a lot important information over the past couple of weeks: – One election protest was withdrawn; another was turned aside. – We’ve linked to a survey allowing you to help shape the future of Greenville’s grand old theater. – Our sitting representative to the NC House has a challenger. – The city […]

In Memory of Charles “Chip” Pennington

Pennington receiving a certificate for completing the city's Citizen's Academy in Spring 2012.

The Greenville Guardian is sad to report the death of Charles Pennington. Known as “Chip” to many, Pennington, long-retired from Burroughs Wellcome, was a frequent presence at city council meetings. He often spoke during the public comment period about the city and the need for recreational programs for all people in it, especially youth. Chip […]

Uptown Greenville Wants to Know

Photo credit: Stephenvb

Do you wish there was more to do in Greenville? Do you feel like your life would be improved by having a performance venue in the middle of the city? Uptown Greenville wants to know what you think about how we can use this historic space. Take the online survey. Theater Survey Press Release email […]

Compost Benefits Birds, Plants, Humans at Park

On the right is a plant bed and composting bins, including an example of the bins to be made available to City residents. Along the back right is a composting drum to be used for food scraps gleaned from picnickers. At the back left are open composting bins for park foliage. A three-tier greenhouse, already in use, is at the left, next to additional work benches. The canoe, which will be raised to work-level height, will be additional workspace which can contain some of the inevitable mess. Photo: Horrigan

by Linda Leighty Greenville’s 324-acre natural park is making improvements to take better advantage of its unique resources, a benefit to River Park North visitors, birds and the community at large. In response to citizen requests, a new composting station including a demonstration and training site for at-home composters, is a joint effort between the park’s […]

BoE Throws Out Wetherington Protest

Katherine Wetherington, from the campaign's Facebook page

by Guardian Staff The Pitt County Board of Elections, meeting late this afternoon, voted unanimously to throw out a protest filed by the losing candidate in the race for Greenville’s district 3 city council seat. Katherine Wetherington, who has ties to the local real estate industry and manages a downtown restaurant, lost the race by […]

Williams Withdraws Election Protest; Wetherington’s Still Pending

Terri Williams

by Guardian Staff Greenville city council district 4 hopeful Terri Williams late yesterday withdrew her election protest, effectively ending her campaign and conceding victory to Rick Smiley. A 4 p.m. Board of Elections hearing on the protest of district 3 candidate Katherine Wetherington, however, is still pending. Williams’ protest charged some voters were turned away […]

Ward to Challenge Brown

Uriah Ward

by Lisa Ellison Greenville native Uriah Ward announced his intention to run for North Carolina House District 9–the seat currently held by Republican Brian Brown, a Pitt County resident  and business owner.  A senior, graduating in Fall of 2014, Ward is a Political Science major with a minor in Business at East Carolina University. After […]

What About the Write-ins?

1963 photo postcard of Oliver O. Oliver (Ray Rayner), Bozo the Clown (Bob Bell), Sandy the Clown (Don Sandburg), and Ringmaster Ned (Ned Locke) on Bozo's Circus on WGN-TV (Chicago). Wikimedia Commons photo.

by Lisa Ellison One hundred seventy-eight write-in votes were cast in Greenville’s just-completed municipal election: 17 for mayor, 43 at-large, 14 in district 1, 77 in district 2, seven in district 3, 17 in district 4 and three in district 5. See all write-in recipients here. Two people thought that instead of choosing Allen Thomas […]

Recount Confirms Smiley Victory

Rick Smiley, District 4

By Guardian Staff Terri Williams’ second bite at the apple for Greenville’s district 4 city council seat in this year’s municipal election has produced the same result as her first, a loss to Rick Smiley. Williams requested a recount of the results, which showed Smiley with an 11-vote margin after certification Tuesday. Today’s recount added […]

Wetherington Files Election Protest

Katherine Wetherington, from the campaign's Facebook page

by Lisa Ellison Editor Katherine Wetherington, who challenged Marion Blackburn for Greenville’s district 3 city council seat and lost by 60 votes, has, like Terri Williams, filed a formal protest requesting a new election. Below are the documents submitted yesterday with Wetherington’s filing. On the protest form, Wetherington claims an error occurred in vote count […]

UPDATED: Williams Protests Election

Terri Williams

by Lisa Ellison Editor The Guardian has investigated charges made in Terri Williams’ formal protest of the results for District 4 in Greenville’s municipal election. Here is what we’ve found so far: In reference to a signed statement by Ashley Wetherington included with the protest filing, one of the poll workers, who requested anonymity citing […]

The Fix for Obamacare? Single Payer

Creative Commons/Images_of_Money

As President Obama’s approval ratings plummet and a parade of House subcommittees pile on over the failed rollout of the Affordable Care Act, 20/20 hindsight is finally kicking in for many who toed the White House line and supported this ill-conceived law. The lone exceptions seem to be for-profit insurers and “free market” advocates – […]

Election 2013: Smiley Wins District 4

Election 2013: Smiley Wins District 4

By Guardian Staff Results for the 2013 municipal election have been certified by the Pitt County Board of Elections. Rick Smiley secured the District 4 victory he claimed on election night, adding 8 provisional votes to his tally this morning. Terri Williams picked up 10 more votes, so Smiley’s election-night margin of 13 has shrunk […]

City Hires Firm to Clean Burned Warehouse

burned tobacco warehouse, photo by LE

by Lisa Ellison People will start to see improvements to the burned Imperial Tobacco warehouse soon, thanks to a November 7 city council decision to hire a company to manage the project. The city bought the property a year ago for $1 (that’s right, one dollar). It was destroyed in 2008 and is riddled with contaminants […]

Let’s Get Rid of the Vote

This man could have just won the opportunity to be a representative.

Editor’s note: With most of the excitement of municipal elections behind us (official results will be released Tuesday, with any recounts following), consider this different view on voting.   by John Collins I’d like to convince you that you shouldn’t vote. But my main goal is to make the case that we as a society […]

Removing Barriers for Job Seekers

Removing Barriers for Job Seekers

by Lisa Ellison People convicted of crimes or who have been incarcerated will no longer have to disclose that information on most job applications for positions with the city of Greenville, thanks to a “community success” initiative put forward by Dennis Mitchell in his final city council meeting. “The ‘Ban the Box’ initiative allows people […]

UPDATE: Williams Requests Recount

UPDATE: Williams Requests Recount

Guardian Staff report 1:24 p.m., November 6: Pitt County Board of Elections Director Dave Davis says Greenville District 4 city council candidate Terri Williams, who lost to Rick Smiley by 13 votes in unofficial tallies, has requested a recount. Here is the text from the BoE’s e-mailed announcement, timestamped 12:13 p.m. today: We have just […]

Voting Numbers Update

Voting Numbers Update

by Lisa Ellison Nearly 3,000 people in the county voted today by 10 a.m.. In the five hours since, another 4,062 have joined them, bringing the total number of voters in this municipal election up to 13,369 including the 6,348 who voted early. More than 10 percent of registered voters have now voted. Polls close tonight […]

Candidate Info–Repost

Candidate Info–Repost

Editor’s note: On October 21, we posted a list of community surveys, questionnaires and endorsements. For the last-minute voters, we’re re-posting that information. The link to find your polling place or information about your district can be found here.  We’ve brought you interviews and endorsements on the candidates for public office in Greenville, but want […]

Pro-Education Rally to be held at ECU

Pro-Education Rally to be held at ECU

by Lisa Ellison On Monday, November 4, from noon-2 p.m. in the center of campus, East Carolina University faculty and other community members will come together in a rally organized by Concerned NC Educators in support of public education on a day teachers across the state will be holding “walk-ins” to help educate families about […]

Fletcher Hall Ghost

Julian Scott (1846-1901), "Surrender of a Confederate Soldier," 1873, oil on canvas.

Editor’s note: Please enjoy some weekend fiction.  by Randall Martoccia In July, 1863, Union General Edward Potter sent soldiers from his New Bern base to Greenville. The troops destroyed supplies and set fire to bridges. Greenville had built some dirt fortifications around the downtown area. Those too were destroyed. History has no record of anyone […]

Missing Signs Located

Missing Signs Located

by Lisa Ellison This is a follow-up to yesterday’s article about missing political signs. An email from Captain Rob Williams, Criminal Investigations Bureau officer in the Greenville police department, said, “I believe we located a significant portion of the missing signs.” The signs were found by the resident at 413 E. 2nd Street who said […]

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