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Boards and Commissions: A Primer

Boards and Commissions: A Primer

by Guardian staff A Monday (Dec. 16) email from city clerk Carol Barwick announced Mayor Allen Thomas’ choices as city council liaisons to Greenville’s various boards and commissions. Each council member liaises with two or three of 19 panels, which are essentially citizen-populated subcommittees of city council. The liaisons, according to the city’s Board and […]

Protesters to Picket at Roses Express

Protesters outside a Pope-owned store in Durham, Dec. 9. Photo: Jake Gellar-Goad

By Lisa Ellison, Editor You’ve probably heard about the Moral Monday movement–the Monday protests held in Raleigh throughout the spring and summer to bring attention to legislation in the General Assembly viewed as regressive by protesters. Now the driving force behind Moral Monday, the North Carolina NAACP, has expanded the protests to include informational picketing […]

Sometimes Nature Stinks

Columned Stinkhorn on East Wright Road. Note ‘raw meat’ color of spongy body and brown remains of spore mass inside ring at top. Photo: VJB

by Vince Bellis “Gross! There’s something dead in the yard. I can smell it from the door.” After several minutes of failed searching for a mangled furry body with my eyes, I switch to ‘follow your nose.’ This search reveals only an orange ‘thing’ emerging from the mulch. The culprit: Clathrus columnatus Bosc, A.K.A. the […]

A Missed Opportunity

A Missed Opportunity

A lot has been said about civility – specifically, the lack of it – during the circuses (also known as meetings) of Greenville’s city council over the past two years. Readers so inclined can find in our archives the Guardian’s coverage of those sessions. Here, I’ll let it suffice to say I think all of Greenville […]

One More Election

One More Election

By Guardian Staff UPDATE: Calvin Mercer was appointed mayor pro-tem Monday night in a 4-2 vote. Original story follows: The winners of last month’s municipal election will be seated tonight at 6 p.m. in council chambers. The only order of business for the largely ceremonial meeting–which will include playing of the “Star-Spangled Banner” and the […]

Guardian Interviews Joyner

Photo: City of Greenville

by Lisa Ellison Max Joyner, three-term District 5 representative sat down with the Greenville Guardian editor on Tuesday Dec. 3. Joyner was born and raised in Greenville, and the conversation began with his family’s long history in the city. “During the depression, they built Guy Smith Stadium–the same [type stadium] that was built in Tarboro, Rocky […]

Mitchell Talks About Time on Council

Dennis Mitchell

by Lisa Ellison Dennis Mitchell, the one-term At-Large City Council representative (2011-2013) sat down with the Greenville Guardian on Tuesday and said a little about his experience on council and what might be next for him. Did you like being on council? I did. I guess now that I’m off I probably appreciate it and enjoy […]

Op-Ed: Biologist Questions River Study

Photo: Lucas Berrini, 2008 (Flickr)

by Vince Bellis It would be unfortunate if the Tar River study moves forward in the absence of an attempt to first solicit advice from local sources at East Carolina University. ECU offers expertise in planning, business, wetland ecology, tourism and related areas by professionals familiar with eastern North Carolina. Advice from these sources should […]

River Study Progresses

Photo: City of Greenville Recreation and Parks

by Lisa Ellison Last June, city council approved a $200,000 study of what sorts of development would be appropriate along the Tar River, to include a design for such development. Earmarked for the 2014 fiscal year, which began July 1, 2013, the study is about to get under way. A five-member committee drawn from the […]

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