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Moscow on the Tar

Photo by Vince Bellis.

By Vince Bellis and Lisa Ellison Scroll down for new information. On January 14, Vince Bellis noticed something on a walk along the Town Common promenade: a golden heart-shaped lock with names inscribed. Bellis informed the Guardian, “this is a marriage custom currently in vogue in Russia. Newlyweds pledge their everlasting love by locking a […]

Council Blocks Town Common Presentation

credit: City of Greenville

by Lisa Ellison The Thursday, Jan. 16 city council meeting started out looking a lot like the Jan. 13 meeting: Forced, cheerful, buddy-buddy, punch-on-the-shoulder kinds of interactions from the mayor to councilors with a string of unanimous votes. After breezing through appointments to citizen boards and commissions (one of note was District 3 representative Marion […]

Coming up: Appointments and Hearings

photo: City of Greenville

by Lisa Ellison All items up for vote at Monday night’s city council meeting were unanimously approved. Council meets again Thursday at 7 p.m., at City Hall. It will be a big night for appointments, with citizens being named to boards and commissions. Council will also vote on their own committee appointments. A seat filled […]

Council Preview: Jan. 13

Council Preview: Jan. 13

by Lisa Ellison City council will hold its first meeting of the year at 6 p.m. Monday (Jan. 13) at City Hall. Items on the consent agenda, which will all be voted on together without discussion (unless individual items are pulled from it for consideration) include a two-year extension of the city’s contract with Greenville-Pitt […]

Actually, You Can Fix Stupid

Actually, You Can Fix Stupid

For two months that have seemed a whole lot longer, Greenville government has been preoccupied with the results and potential effects of the November election, which appears to signal a sea change on city council. Beyond making Calvin Mercer the body’s pro-tem and approving yet another completely unnecessary study of possible development schemes along the […]

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