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The American Labor Movement, 2.0

The American Labor Movement, 2.0

There’s been much media hubbub in the past few weeks over higher wages at some of America’s biggest retailers. Mega-chains are trumpeting “increases” in employee pay and basking the inevitable PR glow that comes with appearing to actually give a shwhit about their workers. It began last summer, with jumps in hourly wages at Gap […]

An Apple a Day

Photo courtesy the internet.

By Spencer Bennington Guardian contributor “Why am I here,” she asked. A simple question with innumerable possible answers. All he had to do was choose one that reflected the goals of his profession. All he had to do was speak kindly. This past week has been a rough one for me and my parents. My […]

The Art of Dance at ECU

ECU dancer Nichesa Jones, pictured above, was one of 13 selected as a cast member for the ECU performance of “Standing in Tears," set for March as part of the S. Rudolph Alexander Performing Arts Series. Credit: ECU News Services, Oct. 16, 2014.

by Lisa Ellison Guardian editor As I do many years, I attended East Carolina University’s College of Theater and Dance’s annual concert, Dance 2015 (that’s not it’s name every year, of course), in early February. As is often the case, I was struck by the excellent work happening there. The best pieces were fully-formed creative […]

What’s Smart for Greenville? Preserving and Acquiring Flood Plains

Flooded housing development in Greenville, NC after Hurricane Floyd in September 1999. Photo credit: FEMA

By Jerry Weitz Guardian op-ed contributor The City of Greenville has a hazard mitigation plan, adopted initially in 2001, then revised and re-adopted in 2004. An update of the plan was prepared in 2010 and adopted by the Greenville City Council on June 10, 2011. The 2010 plan was managed by the city’s community development […]

Igniting a Spark: Finding Magic in Greenville

Igniting a Spark: Finding Magic in Greenville

by Spencer Bennington Guardian contributor What if I told you that within our city there were beings who wield unimaginable power? Mere mortals who have ignited a spark within them, a spark which allows them to transcend time and space, to harness the power of the natural world, summon mythical beasts, and cast the arcana […]

Live Performance Venues Coming to Greenville

White's Theater at its opening in 1914.  Credit: ECU Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, with thanks to Candace Pearce and Roger Kammerer.

by Brittney Melton Guardian Intern Plays, concerts, spoken word and motion pictures may soon be viable entertainment choices in downtown Greenville since the January 15 city council meeting  in which councilors voted unanimously to amend the zoning ordinance allowing “live performance theaters.” [Edit: The ordinance was referred to Planning and Zoning for further review at their February […]

Thom Tillis: National International Embarrassment

Thom Tillis: National International Embarrassment

By Anthony Noel So I was reading the headlines this morning at various websites and came across this. That’s right, our newly minted U.S. Senator is supporting “de-regulation” of hand-washing by restaurant employees. ———————————— FROM THE HIP ———————————— We’re all entitled to our opinions about (so-called) “big government,” and public policy, and protecting the public […]

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