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Greenville’s Own Film Fest: An Interview with the Founder

Photo source: Tommy Faircloth

by Lisa Ellison Guardian editor When I heard that Tipsy Teapot at Limelight was hosting their first TeaDance Gay and Lesbian Film Festival this fall, I sent off an email to find out more. “Whoever is in charge” turned out to be Tommy Faircloth, a writer and director from Columbia, SC. In our email interview, […]

Darkenwald’s Quantum: Dancing the Unseen

Photo by John Dixon.

by Spencer Bennington Guardian contributor Take a look around you. What do you see? Tables? Chairs? A picture on the wall? Look closer. Can you feel it? Within each of these seemingly inanimate objects, on a smaller scale than the human eye can see, units of energy simmer and swirl beneath the surface. Luckily for […]

What Are Words For?

What Are Words For?

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” – Mark Twain When Editor Lisa Ellison and I first talked about starting the “underground” paper that’s become the Greenville Guardian, we had clear ideas about what we wanted it to be. Lisa, trained in […]

Commission Okays Live Performance Venues

The property in question in question is marked with a gray pin.

by Brittney Melton Guardian intern Live performance venues are one step closer to becoming a reality in Greenville. On March 17, the Planning and Zoning commission unanimously approved a text amendment to allow concerts, plays, operas musicals and other performance art at permitted theaters downtown. There are a few requirements venues applying for the special […]

On Political Correctness and History: A Case Study from a College Campus

ECU students plastered the walls of various campus buildings with some of Aycock’s most damning quotes.

by Amanda Ann Klein Contributed op-ed originally published by the author at On February 20th the Board of Trustees at East Carolina University, the North Carolina state university where I have worked for the last eight years, voted to change the name of Aycock Hall, a residence hall named after former North Carolina Governor Charles […]

Board of Governors to Threaten All Life on Earth? An Analysis of the Decision to Discontinue Three UNC Centers

Board of Governors to Threaten All Life on Earth? An Analysis of the Decision to Discontinue Three UNC Centers

By Spencer Bennington Guardian contributor The Decision to Close Three UNC Centers On February 18th, a working committee from the UNC system’s legislative body, the Board of Governors (BOG), unanimously voted for the discontinuation of three separate University centers across North Carolina. The three centers recommended to close were Chapel Hill’s Center on Poverty, Work, […]

White’s Theater: A History

Interior of White's Theatre, Greenville, N.C. Image taken from letterhead of Samuel T. White, owner of White's Theatre. On the same sheet of stationery is a letter from White to Mess. Ward and Grimes of Washington, N.C., 20 February 1919 (not shown). Date of image approximated. Source: ECU Digital Collections.

by Roger Kammerer Guardian Contributor Sitting silent and boarded up on Fifth Street beside Winslow’s Restaurant, a lone building awaits its ultimate fate. Known first as White’s Theater, then the State Theater and finally the Park Theater, the once beautiful landmark awaits the day when once again it will host Greenville’s best entertainment. The idea […]

Peace Found on Campus

Peace Found on Campus

The Greenville Guardian accepts unsolicited reviews of local events and op-eds, along with interesting photographs (with captions) for possible publication. Though we offer no payment for such submissions, writers/photographers will be credited if their work is selected. Here is the first in what we hope will be an ongoing series of great photos: For more […]

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