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Chasing an Angry Fix: Greenville’s Heroin Addiction

Close-up on the floor of the syringe with the drug. In the background, a young drug addict.

by Spencer Bennington Guardian contributor Teaching freshman writing is a pretty inaccurate description of my day job. Yes, it’s my duty to compose lesson plans, deliver lectures, and coach 80+ students through multiple written drafts of a variety of essays, but any instructor who works closely with eighteen-year-olds for any extended period can tell you […]

Greenville Pair Organizes for PFLAG Chapter

Greenville Pair Organizes for PFLAG Chapter

by Lisa Ellison Guardian editor Deborah Thomson, the mother of a trans-identified middle school child, and long-time local LGBT activist Rich Elkins held an interest meeting April 9 for a Greenville-area chapter of PFLAG. The national organization was begun in 1972 to unite people who are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender or queer with family, their friends, […]

Council Adheres to Land Use Plan, (Almost) Saves Taxpayer Money

Council Adheres to Land Use Plan, (Almost) Saves Taxpayer Money

by Brittney Melton Guardian intern Greenville City Council’s April 9 meeting saw the easy conclusion of ordinances allowing live performance venues and craft beer sales downtown. One contentious rezoning on East 10th Street was continued until May, and council voted on another controversial rezoning request, this one regarding land South of Stantonsburg Road. Council also made […]

Paddling Eastern North Carolina, Part 1: Greenville’s Tar River

Twisted cypress trees on the Tar River, near Greenville. Photo source: Brad Beggs.

This is the first of six guides to paddling in Eastern North Carolina. The series will run through the summer.  by Brad Beggs Guardian columnist From late spring through fall, Greenville’s Tar River welcomes paddlers and tubers looking to cool off. In the winter months, it is the perfect place to embrace the occasional warm day […]

Op-ed: NC Needs “Clean Power Plan”

Op-ed: NC Needs “Clean Power Plan”

by Carol Williams contributed op-ed Governor Pat McCrory and the North Carolina General Assembly are making short-sighted and harmful decisions to NOT protect the very air we breathe and ground we live on. Slowly but surely, our national government has joined with governments of other countries to say that we are experiencing global warming due […]

Ready to Listen: REAL Crisis Intervention

Internet photo.

This is the first in a series profiling organizations doing good work in the community. by Alana Baker Guardian contributor Despair, grief, anger, depression, fear—these are things most people feel at some point or another in life. Many of us have resources, places and people to help us through hard times. Some people, however, have […]

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