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Do You Really Care?

Do You Really Care?

Sometimes it’s difficult to care. That’s not surprising, given the way issues are typically presented by professional propagandists, otherwise known as party leaders and media outlets. If you believe them, “reality” is strictly dualistic in nature: conservative versus liberal, right versus left, Fox versus MSNBC, white versus black, Christian versus godless. And the more provocative, […]

From the Editor: Opt-in to Public Education

Internet cartoon.

by Lisa Ellison Guardian editor I grew up in a rural eastern North Carolina county and attended a public elementary school a few miles from my house. Looking back, I recall the students as mostly white and working class. And while there must have been a substantial community of migrant workers’ kids, schools have ways […]

The Examined Life: Uptown Pastoral

Photo: Lisa Ellison

by Thomas Herron Guest columnist A Day in the Life is a rotating invitational column. Writers are asked to offer some idea or observation about our world, filtered through their liberal arts field, the study of the which promotes active citizens and a vibrant democracy. “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” –Joni Mitchell […]

Local Author Writes the Hidden into Being: A Profile of Micah Harris

Heaven's War. Harris and Gaydos.

by Spencer Bennington Guardian contributor Typically when you ask a writer to relay his or her single greatest accomplishment, it has something to do with a beautifully conceived line, a prestigious award, or perhaps their first publication. But for local author Micah Harris, it was making a little girl cry. “To be fair,” Harris explained, […]

UPDATED: Mercer Confirms Electoral Intentions

UPDATED: Mercer Confirms Electoral Intentions

Guardian Staff report UPDATED, Wednesday, May 20, 9 a.m. — In a press release distributed via email at 4 a.m. Wednesday, Calvin Mercer confirmed that he does not intend to run for mayor this fall. “Since it leaked in the Greenville Guardian,” the release reads, “I’ll confirm I intend to file for re-election to the […]

Before the Death Rattle: the End of Life Care Coalition of Eastern Carolina

In Merchant's Alley, outside Starlight Cafe on 5th Street. Photo: Lisa Ellison

This is the second in a series profiling organizations doing good work in the community. The first was on REAL Crisis Intervention. by Alana Baker Guardian contributor Quick, peaceful and painless: this is one of the more idyllic ways people imagine their own deaths. Susan Redding, a Nurse Practitioner in Palliative Care Services at Vidant […]

A Guardian for Good, If You Can Keep It

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Ben Franklin

by Anthony Noel Guardian columnist Paraphrased above is a warning from one of our nation’s greatest thinkers (and kite fliers), Ben “Lightning Rod” Franklin. A passerby, seeing ol’ Ben emerge from Philadelphia’s Independence Hall after the 1787 deliberations which produced our Constitution, asked which had resulted: a monarchy or a republic. Franklin’s renowned answer, “A […]

Paddling in Eastern North Carolina, Part 2: Bear Island

Bear Inlet, on Bear Island's western side at low tide. Typically very shallow, with little boat traffic at low tide. A great spot for sea kayak or stand-up-paddle surf.

This is the second of six guides to paddling Eastern North Carolina. The series runs through the summer. The first, on Greenville’s Tar River, is here. Text and photos by Brad Beggs, Guardian columnist No one expects amazing white sand beaches to be empty at the height of the summer. This is what makes secluded Bear […]

Letter from the Editor: City Council Chooses Social Responsibility

Letter from the Editor: City Council Chooses Social Responsibility

by Lisa Ellison Guardian editor Thanks to a close vote last month, Greenville has the opportunity to become a leader in social responsibility. During their annual joint meeting with the Greenville Utilities Commission (GUC) on April 20, city councilors Rose Glover, Kandie Smith, Marion Blackburn and Mayor Allen Thomas, who broke the tie, voted to […]

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