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And So It Begins…

Guardian Staff Report The November election proved a turning point for Greenville’s city council. Marion Blackburn, who held the district 3 seat since 2009, was replaced by 23-year-old McLean Godley. In D5, 32-year-old P.J. Connelly defeated one-termer Dr. Richard Croskery, who won the seat in 2013. It remains to be seen how the new mix […]

A Park for the People

A Park for the People

Help shape improvements to the Town Common, Greenville’s hallmark public space, which will define our city for years to come. This “Central Park” belongs to the people–not private investors. Let’s keep it that way. Imagine: A large “Central Park” of our own, with inviting paths, environmentally distinctive areas – woods, grasslands, waterfront – and playgrounds. […]

A New Year: Volunteer.

Early 20th century New Years resolution post cards

(Forgive our momentary distraction with the craziness in eastern Oregon. We now return to our regularly scheduled volunteer resource. Be sure to look for our upcoming announcement of the GG’s new editorial and administrative team, posting in just a few days. – Ed.) by Greenville Guardian staff As the warmth of the holiday season recedes (figuratively […]

An Easy, Peaceful Solution to the Oregon Standoff

All hat (and wild prattle)

This land is your land. This land is my land. Unless, apparently, you’re Ammon Bundy or one of his rancher buddies, in which case all land is their land. Period. As 2016 dawned, a small group of armed Americans (now calling itself “Citizens for Constitutional Freedom”) broke off from a larger protest, then broke into […]

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