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Marriage Equality Event in Greenville

by Lisa Wilbourne

North Carolina may have passed a constitutional amendment making the only valid legal union a marriage between a man and a woman, but that isn’t stopping opponents of the amendment in their struggle to gain equality.

At noon on Wednesday, May 16 three couples will participate in an event inspired by the WE DO Campaign, seeking marriage licences at the Pitt County Courthouse, knowing they will be denied. Others will gather in support of marriage equality.

Organizer Amanda Jane Holland hopes this event will “allow the general public to experience what it looks like on a micro-scale to deny someone their rights, to see what it looks like for two people to actually be denied marriage licenses: in short, to make it real for them. It’s one thing to vote for an amendment and think, ‘This will never affect me so why worry about it?’ It’s another to then actually see what that vote would do to another couple/family.”

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Participant Amanda Ayers, engaged to her partner since 2009, says, “by participating in this campaign we are standing up for our rights not only as a couple, but as human beings and citizens of the United States. By appearing in front of our neighbors who voted for Amendment One, we can show them that we are real people who live and work and love just like they do. If we have the same rights as every other American such as the right to vote, the right to pay taxes, and the right to fight and die for our country, then the right to have justice and liberty should be included and that includes marriage to any person we wish.”

A group will gather at the courthouse at noon and hear speakers including Reverend Ann Marie Alderman, minister at Greenville’s Unitarian Universalist Congregation, and event organizers Amanda Jane Holland and Thomas Passwater. When the couples enter the courthouse, the group outside will share a moment of silence, broken by statements from the couples as they emerge. 

Greenville will be the 9th North Carolina city to participate in the campaign since this stage began on May 9.

All are invited to go stand in support of equality at noon on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at the Pitt County Courthouse.

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