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Walk More Uptown

By Lisa Wilbourne

People will be able to exercise more in Uptown Greenville with today’s inauguration of three measured walking paths. 

As “part of developing a culture of wellness”, says City of Greenville Benefits Manager Frank Salvato, “including increased physical activity and better nutritional values, these are the first of many paths established for city, GUC workers, and the public.” 

The three paths, measured by Pitt-Greenville Chamber of Commerce, and marked with hearts and directional markers, are registered with the American Heart Association are 1/2 mile, 3/4 mile, and one mile, all between Washington, 1st, and 5th Streets. The start and finish for each path can be found at City Hall’s flagpoles. (See map here.)

On the AHA’s StartWalkingNow page, walkers can register for free tools like the activity tracker which allows for easy logging of AHA-registered path walks, creating walking plans, and entering daily meals and snacks. 

Coming soon, you will be able to join the city and GUC’s Wellness Committee in their 10,000 Step Club. 

Come out to City Hall at noon today, Thursday May 17, for the official opening of the paths, and take a little walk while you’re there. 

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See some photos from the event: 

Responses (5)

  1. Brian Glover says:

    Love it! Just a little typo, though, in the first line: “three measured walking trails,” right?

  2. Rebecca Allen Davis says:

    Lovely! Way to go GUC and City of Greenville:) Great way to take advantage of accessible spaces and build a sense of community and ownership…as well as healthy people.

  3. Carol Williams says:

    Yeah!!! Encouragement and support for getting more fit!!!

  4. Dede Carney says:

    I love this promotion of more walking Uptown! It’s also nice to see our City Staff getting their exercise – very encouraging to the rest of us. Look for me & the retired Chief to join you as soon as the weather breaks! Look HARD!!!

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