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Governor’s Office Honors Dunn

by Lisa Wilbourne

One of North Carolina’s most prestigious civilian awards was presented to Greenville citizen and former Mayor Pat Dunn at Immanuel Baptist Church last Sunday, July 15.

Pat Dunn

The Order of the Long Leaf Pine, honoring citizens who have made a significant impact towards creating a better North Carolina, was presented to Dunn by State Rep. Marian McLawhorn (D-9) on behalf of Governor Beverly Perdue.

Pat served the people of Greenville with quiet fire and dignity,” said former city council member Larry Spell. “In our four years of working together, I witnessed her passion for public service and the love she holds for our community.”

Dunn adds this honor to an extensive list, including Greenville/Pitt County Chamber of Commerce 2011 Citizen of the Year, the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership Award, the Best-Irons Humanitarian Award, and Civitan Citizen of the Year.

“No one is an island,” Dunn said, in accepting the award. “I thank my parents, the rural community where I grew up in Wake County, and the people of this community. I share this award with you and thank you.”

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