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South Tar River Greenway gets Educational

by Lisa Wilbourne

A new educational marker has been installed on the South Tar River Greenway, summarizing a local educator’s  six-month research project into the river’s history as a transportation artery.

Titled Lock on the Tar River, the marker was funded by Friends of Greenville Greenways (FROGGS), and is located just west of the city’s off-leash dog area. It condenses ECU professor emeritus Vincent Bellis’ research prompted by a conversation with local historian Roger Kammerer, who informed Bellis that a wooden structure he remembered in the river near Warren Street in the 1970s was part of an effort over a century and half ago to allow river traffic farther along the river. His research is fully detailed in Regional Transportation in Eastern NC, A Historical Look, published last month in the Greenville Guardian.

FROGGS plans to install more educational markers along the greenway. People  interested in contributing research or sponsoring a sign — each marker costs about $1800 — should email FROGGS for more information.

A path beside the marker will lead down to a river vista.











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