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Council Supports Clean Elections

by Lisa Wilbourne

Greenville has joined nine other NC cities in speaking out for people’s constitutional rights.

“Corporations are not people, and money is not speech” is the message of this resolution for clean elections.

The vote was split 5-1. See their discussion here.

“Big money can make a big difference and it doesn’t represent the people,” said councilor Marion Blackburn, who, with councilor Kandie Smith, requested this item be taken up by council this past Monday.

Casting the sole dissenting vote, councilor Max Joyner said, “I haven’t really looked at it enough to know one way or the other. I’m going to vote against it. It’s not something the city council should be looking at.”

Other councilors shared Smith’s view, “It affects everybody, even down to the local level.”

Several Greenville residents, as well as Democracy NC Eastern Organizer Jake Gellar-Goad who contacted councilors about adding the item, and North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections director Melissa Price Kromm attended the meeting to show their support for the resolution. See that segment here.

In addition to coverage in local print media (here), the resolution was reported in a local news blog (here), in two state online sources (here and here), and mentioned in a national news source (here).

See previous mention of Citizens United at the Greenville Guardian here and here.

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