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Tell City Council What You Think: Proposed Budget and More

by Lisa Wilbourne

Greenville City Council is meeting tonight. 6 p.m. in Council Chambers. Come see the spectacle first hand.

Greenville City Hall, greenvillenc.govThrow in your two cents’ worth (or three minutes’ worth, however much that is) on the proposed city budget for the 2103-2014 fiscal year. Tonight is for public comments. Council will vote on the budget on Thursday.

Also tonight, the Redevelopment Commission will present its 2013-2014 work plan and budget. Learn more about the projects it wants to complete this year and where the money will come from. Projects include streetscapes, a commercial center/business incubator, First Street and Town Commons redevelopment, and choosing a large downtown project to focus on (hotel, residential/mixed-use development, GO-Science, Uptown theater, 423 Evans Street property).

City council will hear the plan of action for Bradford Creek Golf Course. This plan of action takes into account the consultant’s management and operational analysis presented in January (read our analysis and find a link to the report here). Its goals are to increase focus on marketing and customer service, make better use of technology, better maintain the golf course, and increase youth programs, all while limiting the need for city subsidy of operational and capital needs.


Council will also discuss two resolutions for the state legislature. An issue council wanted to hear more about during the May meeting, when they passed resolutions to maintain the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund and ensure early voting and student voting rights, council will hear a report on waste disposal from hydraulic fracturing. The resolution, if it passes, will oppose fracking waste being injected in Eastern North Carolina.

Council may also vote to support continued funding for the Walter B. Jones Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center, the Rural Center and the Golden LEAF Foundation.

As always, there will be a public comments period during which anyone may speak for no more than three minutes.

For the full agenda, click here.

Please let us know what you think about the proposed budget or any other city things.

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