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Almost Time to File

election 2013

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by Lisa Wilbourne

Local election campaign season is almost upon us. Greenville’s council seats are on the same two-year cycle, so this November city residents will be voting for all seats: a district representative (one of five), an at-large representative, and a mayor.

Not sure which district you’re in? Check here.

So far, Richard Croskery has announced his intention to run for District 5. The Calvin Mercer campaign held a fundraiser on June 22. It is unknown what seat Mercer will seek.

Filing for election goes from noon on July 5 to noon July 19 at the Pitt County Board of Elections Office (1717 W. 5th St.). The filing fee for mayor is $30; for all other seats, $12.

Currently seated

Mayor: Allen Thomas
At-large: Dennis Mitchell
District 1: Kandie Smith
District 2: Rose Glover
District 3: Marion Blackburn
District 4: Calvin Mercer
District 5: Max Joyner

elected official filing

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