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Jolly Trolley Neighborhood Service

by Ann Eleanor

Last week residents of Belvedere and Club Pines (together they make up the Carolina East Neighborhood Association, or CENA), and Westhaven (aka, OWNA, or the Olde Westhaven Neighborhood Association) rode the “ Trolley to the Market”–a special service Uptown Greenville is providing to interested neighborhoods in the city to bring folks to the Wednesday evening Umbrella Market.

westhaven trolley riders

More than filling the 40-seat capacity, many riders had their first trip on the Jolly Trolley and some experienced the Umbrella Market for the first time. The participants from CENA and OWNA so enjoyed the experience that  they are hoping to schedule another Wednesday.

The Umbrella Market happens each Wednesday from 5-8 p.m. through the end of September. You can find fresh produce, local artists and artisans, plants, and other local goodies there each week. The Trolley is a fun way to get there and a fun thing to share with your neighbors.

To get the Trolley to stop by your neighborhood for a free ride to and from the Umbrella Market, email or call (252-561-8400) Uptown Greenville.

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