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Candidates in 2013 Greenville Municipal Election

District 1

Clinton Anderson, challenger
Kandie Smith, incumbent

District 2

Rose Glover, incumbent, unopposed.

District 3

Marion Blackburn, incumbent
Thor Gylfason, challenger
Katherine Wetherington, challenger

District 4 (open seat)

(This seat is being vacated by Calvin Mercer, its holder since 2007. Mercer is seeking the At-Large seat.)
Rick Smiley, Assistant Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs at ECU. Smiley ran for the at-large seat in 2011. Smiley sees a need for changes in what the council does for the city: “I have an interest in focusing on the long-term health and prosperity of the town;” and how the council conducts itself: “We have to restore the respect for openness and due process.” Smiley has served on city boards and commissions and is currently serving as a commissioner of Public Transportation and Parking. Other present and former positions include Neighborhood Advisory Board (former chair), Historic Preservation commissioner, Brook Valley Homeowners’ Association (current treasurer, former president). Smiley had also worked as an executive and advisory board member to non-profits.
Terri Williams, realtor and former chair of the Redevelopment Commission. Williams served a three-year term as the Director of the Greenville-Pitt Board of Realtors and as legislative/political liaison and chair of the Community Development and Education Committees on the same board. As a liaison from the Redevelopment Commission, Williams is on the Technical Steering Committee of the Greenville Transportation and Activity Center (GTAC). Mayor Allen Thomas appointed her to the GTAC Stakeholder Steering Committee. She had an unsuccessful run for the D4 seat in 2007.

District 5 (open seat)

(This seat is being vacated by Max Joyner, the D5 councilor since 2007, who is not seeking re-election.
Richard Croskery, M.D.,, internist at Physicians East.
Michael Overton, owner/advisor at the Overton Group, a commercial real estate sales and property management company.
James Woodley, a member of the Pitt County Animal Control Board.

At Large

Dennis Mitchell, incumbent.
Calvin Mercer, challenger (current D4 councilor)


Allen Thomas, incumbent
Tom Best, challenger

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  1. Artemis Kares says:

    Great job, GG. When will the DR wake up and provide the news?

  2. Artemis Kares says:

    Don’t see it on their web site.

  3. Artemis Kares says:

    Little banner at top of page not good enough. Link to “races filling out” doesn’t work. Prominent article on Best filing for Mayor is yesterday’s news. Just not good enough for a news organization of its size.

  4. Cindy Reed says:

    I like getting my GV news here too! Great job!

  5. Suzanne Stotesbury says:

    Thanks for keeping us up to date!

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