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Williams’ Candidacy Challenged

By Guardian Staff

The Greenville Guardian has learned that a formal challenge to the candidacy of Terri Williams for Greenville’s 4th District city council seat has been filed with the Pitt County Board of Elections (BOE). Voter William Bivins’ protest contends Williams does not reside in District 4. The protest cites sworn documents Williams filed in a federal bankruptcy proceeding claiming Beaufort as her county of residence.

Terri Williams

Terri Williams

This email, obtained by The Guardian, was sent to the concerned parties Tuesday afternoon by BOE Director David Davis:

From: Davis, Dave []
Sent: Tuesday, October 01, 2013 2:44 PM
To:;; Nelson, Patrick M. (Pitt Co. Board of Elections); Stewart, Mark D. (Pitt Co. Board of Elections); Taylor, Lisa (Pitt Co. Board of Elections)
Cc: Strach, Kim Westbrook (SBOE); Wright, Don (SBOE); Gallagher, Janis; McQueen, Tony
Subject: Election Protest – Candidacy of Terri Williams

An election protest has been filed by William Bivins (registered voter of Greenville District 4, voter profile attached) challenging the candidacy of Terri Williams for Greenville City Council District 4 (see attached). The deadline to file a challenge of candidacy has passed; however, according to [North Carolina General Statute] 163-127.2(c) an election protest may be filed if a defect is discovered after the deadline. Election protests are governed by 163-182.9. According to subparagraph (b)(4)(d) of 163-182.9, shown below and attached, the proceeding to address the protest shall be held after the election unless Ms. Williams moves for the Board of Elections to do otherwise.

d. If the protest concerns an irregularity on a matter other than vote counting or result tabulation and the protest is filed before election day, the protest proceedings shall be stayed, unless a party defending against the protest moves otherwise, until after election day if any one of the following conditions exists:

1. The ballot has been printed.

2. The voter registration deadline for that election has passed.

3. Any of the proceedings will occur within 30 days before election day.

Due to ballots having been printed and the absentee process already underway, the Board of Elections will address this matter after the election unless Ms. Williams moves to do otherwise or the State Board of Elections offers direction as to specific action that must be taken.

Dave Davis
Director of Elections
Pitt County Board of Elections
PO Box 56, Greenville NC 27835
(252) 902-3300

The Guardian emailed Ms. Williams, who was appearing at a candidate forum Tuesday when this news broke, seeking comment. As of midnight she had not yet replied. UPDATE: Last night’s email to Ms. Williams had an error in the address. We reached her by phone late this morning, re-sent our questions and await her reply.

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