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Anderson-Smith Debate As it Happened


The Benevolence Corps hosted the second of three debates at Eppes Recreation Center Tuesday Wednesday night, between District 1 incumbent councilor Kandie Smith and challenger Clinton Anderson.

Below are entries made live as the session progressed. (For a chronological reading, start from the bottom.)


The atmosphere at Peasant’s Pub is festive.  Calvin Mercer, Marion Blackburn and Rick Smiley are gathered with over 100 people cheering on speeches.


To bring it back to the top, the new city council, assuming provisional ballots don’t throw things off is:

New city council:

Mayor Allen Thomas

at-large Calvin Mercer

D1 Kandie Smith

D2 Rose Glover

D3 Marion Blackburn

D4 Rick Smiley

D5 Richard Croskery


Final D5 results

Richard Croskery 1,392 50.69%
Michael Overton 1,247 45.41%
James (J. C.) Woodley 104 3.79%
Write-in 3 0.11%
Total 2,746


Final mayoral results:

Tom Best 4,472 42.36%
Allen Thomas 6,067 57.47%
Write-in 17 0.16%
Total 10,556


Final at-large results:

Calvin Mercer 5,375 52.01%
Dennis Mitchell 4,916 47.57%
Write-in 43 0.42%
Total 10,334


New city council:

Mayor Allen Thomas

at-large Calvin Mercer

D1 Kandie Smith

D2 Rose Glover

D3 Marion Blackburn

D4 Rick Smiley

D5 Richard Croskery


Waiting for results for mayoral (leaning strongly toward Allen Thomas) and at-large races.

To recap:

D1: Kandie Smith

D2: Rose Glover

D3: Marion Blackburn

D4: Rick Smiley

D5: leaning strongly toward Richard Croskery, but waiting on final precinct to report


Clerical error in D4: Smiley 197; Williams 253 for 10B — Smiley wins by 13.


Retraction: District 4 numbers may not be correct.


District 4: Williams wins by four votes.



3 precincts left to report officially (one of them is 10B, which numbers we posted earlier).


D1 precincts are in: Kandie Smith wins.

Clinton Ray Anderson, Jr. 411 29.38%
Kandie D. Smith 974 69.62%
Write-in 14 1.00%
Total 1,399


All of District 3 has reported: Marion Blackburn wins.


24/28 precincts citywide

Tom Best 3,800 42.48%
Allen Thomas 5,130 57.34%
Write-in 16 0.18%
Total 8,946
Calvin Mercer 4,510 51.36%
Dennis Mitchell 4,231 48.18%
Write-in 41 0.47%
Total 8,782
Clinton Ray Anderson, Jr. 363 29.98%
Kandie D. Smith 834 68.87%
Write-in 14 1.16%
Total 1,211
Rose H. Glover 1,175 94.08%
Write-in 74 5.92%
Total 1,249
Marion Blackburn 851 52.08%
Thor Gylfason – Withdrawn 10/9/2013 0 0.00%
Katherine Wetherington 776 47.49%
Write-in 7 0.43%
Total 1,634
Rick Smiley 1,349 50.87%
Terri Williams 1,287 48.53%
Write-in 16 0.60%
Total 2,652
Richard Croskery 951 50.69%
Michael Overton 830 44.24%
James (J. C.) Woodley 92 4.90%
Write-in 3 0.16%
Total 1,876





16/28 reporting citywide

Tom Best 3,020 43.45%
Allen Thomas 3,921 56.41%
Write-in 10 0.14%
Total 6,951
Calvin Mercer 3,493 50.99%
Dennis Mitchell 3,331 48.63%
Write-in 26 0.38%
Total 6,850
Clinton Ray Anderson, Jr. 363 30.07%
Kandie D. Smith 830 68.77%
Write-in 14 1.16%
Total 1,207
Rose H. Glover 883 94.14%
Write-in 55 5.86%
Total 938
Marion Blackburn 635 47.64%
Thor Gylfason – Withdrawn 10/9/2013 0 0.00%
Katherine Wetherington 693 51.99%
Write-in 5 0.38%
Total 1,333
Rick Smiley 1,016 54.13%
Terri Williams 849 45.23%
Write-in 12 0.64%
Total 1,877
Richard Croskery 780 56.40%
Michael Overton 559 40.42%
James (J. C.) Woodley 42 3.04%
Write-in 2 0.14%
Total 1,383


12 of 28 precincts reporting citywide

Tom Best 2,695 42.89%
Allen Thomas 3,578 56.95%
Write-in 10 0.16%
Total 6,283
Calvin Mercer 3,094 49.94%
Dennis Mitchell 3,079 49.70%
Write-in 22 0.36%
Total 6,195
Clinton Ray Anderson, Jr. 332 29.80%
Kandie D. Smith 768 68.94%
Write-in 14 1.26%
Total 1,114
Rose H. Glover 883 94.14%
Write-in 55 5.86%
Total 938
Marion Blackburn 578 47.57%
Thor Gylfason – Withdrawn 10/9/2013 0 0.00%
Katherine Wetherington 634 52.18%
Write-in 3 0.25%
Total 1,215
Rick Smiley 788 54.34%
Terri Williams 650 44.83%
Write-in 12 0.83%
Total 1,450
Richard Croskery 778 56.83%
Michael Overton 548 40.03%
James (J. C.) Woodley 41 2.99%
Write-in 2 0.15%
Total 1,369


8/28 precincts reporting citywide

Tom Best 2,414 42.53%
Allen Thomas 3,253 57.31%
Write-in 9 0.16%
Total 5,676
Calvin Mercer 2,768 49.42%
Dennis Mitchell 2,811 50.19%
Write-in 22 0.39%
Total 5,601
Clinton Ray Anderson, Jr. 291 29.04%
Kandie D. Smith 698 69.66%
Write-in 13 1.30%
Total 1,002
Rose H. Glover 748 93.38%
Write-in 53 6.62%
Total 801
Marion Blackburn 389 39.41%
Thor Gylfason – Withdrawn 10/9/2013 0 0.00%
Katherine Wetherington 595 60.28%
Write-in 3 0.30%
Total 987
Rick Smiley 728 54.65%
Terri Williams 592 44.44%
Write-in 12 0.90%
Total 1,332
Richard Croskery 778 56.83%
Michael Overton 548 40.03%
James (J. C.) Woodley 41 2.99%
Write-in 2 0.15%
Total 1,369


Early voting results

Tom Best 1,951 44.38%
Allen Thomas 2,439 55.48%
Write-in 6 0.14%
Total 4,396
Calvin Mercer 2,201 50.71%
Dennis Mitchell 2,123 48.92%
Write-in 16 0.37%
Total 4,340
Calvin Mercer 2,201 50.71%
Dennis Mitchell 2,123 48.92%
Write-in 16 0.37%
Total 4,340
Clinton Ray Anderson, Jr. 175 26.72%
Kandie D. Smith 469 71.60%
Write-in 11 1.68%
Total 655
Rose H. Glover 478 91.57%
Write-in 44 8.43%
Total 522
Marion Blackburn 306 38.39%
Thor Gylfason – Withdrawn 10/9/2013 0 0.00%
Katherine Wetherington 488 61.23%
Write-in 3 0.38%
Total 797
Rick Smiley 715 55.38%
Terri Williams 564 43.69%
Write-in 12 0.93%
Total 1,291
Richard Croskery 569 56.45%
Michael Overton 411 40.77%
James (J. C.) Woodley 26 2.58%
Write-in 2 0.20%
Total 1,008



Precinct 10B:

Best 228; Thomas 226

Mercer 313; Mitchell 133

Smiley 187; Williams 253

Precinct 9:

Best 285; Thomas 275

Mercer: 336; Mitchell 209

Blackburn 57; Wetherington 59

Smiley 228; Williams 197



Closing Statements:

Best: Thanks for organizing this debate. He is humbled to be here and have this opportunity, has been running since July. Says he has had support from the business community. His involvement in IBM and Air Force ROTC both provided him with leadership training. Said people he was working with wanted more civility and transparency. Said he has support from former mayors Pat Dunn and Don Parrott.

Thomas: Said he has not heard a single initiative presented by the other side. This is about moving this community forward. Started two years ago to move forward with economic development. 300 Billion dollars in new investment in the city. 80 Billion dollars in new investment downtown. Every member of the council are strong willed individuals, and that everyone should represent their community, but that they should still work together to come to a compromise. Lets keep moving Greenville forward together.

[Candidates shake hands, and audience members clap]


What is your commitment for seniors? What is your vision, and will you put it in action? Right now senior are largely involved in parks and recreation, and that this same department is the first to be looked at for cuts.

Thomas: It goes back to practical resources. We need to create senior mentors. We need them to help transport their knowledge to the younger generation.

Best: (Jokingly) I support the seniors. He would resist the kind of cuts that occur for senior organizations. “Maybe some of the seniors will outlive some of the renters.”


A study done by an ECU professor said this city was divided by black and white. So what will the candidates do to do better?

Best: Support the idea of an inclusive city. Says that those involved with the Little Willie Center have done a great job. Sensitive to those of all economic levels. Says that IBM was a very inclusive company when he worked there.

Thomas: There are many lost children in this community, and that we got to work together to move it forward. Showing children who haven’t had a home environment that there is another way. Wants a grocery store on Dickenson.


How do we teach our young people how to fix our country, not the older generation?

Best: We want to youth to provide the same leadership they are providing. They learn from the older generation. Very proud of the contributions of many older individuals have made.

Thomas: We have to move forward together. The struggle to sit through 3-4 hours at city council meetings can be hard, especially for the questioner (young individual). The younger generation has to continue to step up and make a difference.


Would you continue revitalizing our parks?

Best: Yes. He thinks parks are pretty, and that parks should be put where things don’t have to be torn down. Wishes we had the money when getting the Dream park, though wish they had the proper funding first.

Thomas: So excited to continue to grow parks over Greenville. Already knew the funding wouldn’t come for the park, but says that we have been waiting since 1985 for the funds, and that we just had to move forward.


What are you going to do if elected to bring people together especially with the politicialization going on in Washington right now?

Best: Feels we will come back together, does not feel like there is a big division. We have some differences, but would never be as divided as Washington. Would be supportive of all the districts and all the people.

Thomas: Anybody who sees DC right now is saddened by all the division. Do you go on a platform based on division, or do you move forward? We need to get Greenville working together.


What are your obligations to the citizens of Greenville, and businesses who donated money, and what would be your obligations forward?

Thomas: We can be a city divided, and be negative, or move forward.


How to recognize and allocate influence to neighborhood advisory boards? He has seen homeowners associations subordinate renters rights.

Best: Notes it was a recommendation to include renters. He says we want to be welcome to people in neighborhoods, but not alienate key players who helped build the neighborhood advisory boards.

Thomas: Says it is hard to be inclusive and at the same time exclude 65% of the city who are renters. He says everybody should be involved in such associations.


What are your thoughts on the capital investment grant, which city council passed this year?

Best: Everything is a case by case basis. This developer or that developer should not be receiving a tax rebate.

Thomas: Says the capital investment grant allowed the involvement to occur, which will cause 580 people to move into our downtown area and provide local investment.


Questioner wants a living wage, not a minimum wage. He wants more jobs to come to Greenville.

Thomas: It is very important to have a presence in government. He says the Greenville Utilities would have been taken because of an occurrence out in Asheville. He went to Raleigh to save the south-west bypass.

Best: Values Greenville Utilities significantly. Says that council member Mercer has said that we become a retirement city, and that such members would make a great contribution to the city.

Thomas: Communicated with the Governor’s staff, says two lifelong learning companies are looking to come to Greenville.



Thomas: We got to save the next generation. We are finally seeing non-profit and religious leaders coming together. When people are left behind, what do we do for them? He says we have achieved progress on most every vision statement he presented when running.


To Best: What was the percentage of owner occupancy in the student neighborhood?

Best: Landlords were not maintaining properties to normal standards, and says he has looked at many properties in which students lived in more than three on properties. to study their effects.

Thomas: We are too obsessed over one neighborhood, and that we need to focus on all that is Greenville. He says all the negativity over one neighborhood needs to come to an end.

Thomas: “I haven’t seen Best involved in a council meeting in the past ten years.”


To Best: What are you passionate about if you become mayor?

Best: Lived in Greenville 30 years by choice, and is passionate about moving the city forward. He says he has known many of the previous Greenville Mayors, about the last five. He wants to keep the growth moving forward.


How do you see students involved in the community? And to Thomas, how do respond his attending events at Greek organizations and sign placement criticism”

Thomas: Basically a poster child for student involvement. Also says he spent a lot of time with Nancy Jenkins, a former mayor. He says he will ignore what he perceived as negative commentary regarding the Greek organizations and sign placements.

Best: Students are a very important element of the ECU community.


“Why did you not recuse yourself from the vote concerning the sweepstakes?” to Thomas

Thomas: He surrendered his shares and investments in the sweepstakes when he decided to run. He says negative politics have no place in the city. He says he loves this city, and says to look at the record.


School of Nursing question “What would be your vision of a new Greenville?”

Best: Says he enjoys the greenways of many cities, and thinks parks and greenways interconnecting throughout the city is what we need. There is still a feeling we are divided in this city, and that we are very diverse, and wants to work towards “one city, one people”

Thomas: “You can’t bring people together based on negativity”. Focused on the negativity of Best’s slogan. He said he had a vision of better law enforcement, more economic opportunities for east Greenville, and expand what we stated.


“How come the council passed salary raises without entering it before the taxpayers who pay the budget?”

Thomas: Heard the gentleman came before the council, and that Joyner responded to it. The city of Greenville had a property devaluation when Thomas came on board, first since the great depression. The option given to Thomas for a tax increase to offset this, their approach was not to tax citizens more, but to have every department come in and prioritize their budget to cut millions out of the budget. Cut taxes by 4.2 million dollars. Says Mercer was the first to take a pay raise.

Best: Heard this question come up when he has been out meeting with people. He says the public was mainly upset these raises were not presented to the public first in advance.


Break is Over. Q&A to begin, 1 minute to ask question.


Five minute break followed by a Q&A.


What is your policy regarding the annexation of the ETJ, similar to what happened to Brook Valley.

Thomas: Will follow the rules that the state hands down. Says we are now dealing with eminent domain on 10th street.

Best: He agrees with Thomas that we have to follow the statues passed by the state. It is not something the city initiates. He says he has had experience with eminent domain with Habitat for Humanity, and they they worked with the state, but they received the market value for the real estate in question.


“Don’t gamble on Greenville, elect Tom Best” as the slogan of Best. Candidates response:

Best: He says he is not involved in any gambling business, and recommends we not do the same.

Thomas: He says he is not involved in negative campaigning, jobs, education, the things we need to focus on. He says he has yet to see an actual platform from candidates, including his opponent.

Best: He says he does not know where the slogan came from. He says some of the concerns of people he talked to were concerned with the sweepstakes Thomas was once associated with.

Thomas: His background is in economic development, and says this was clearly stated, which debunked claims by Best.


If you are elected, would you lead an effort to form a job corp within the city, or county government, to help struggling youth?

Thomas: He said he was just talking with a pastor about this. It has to be two-phased. It has to be first educational. To bring in at risk youth and teach them useful skills.

Best: Yes to support, and that we have to continue to be creative. Children who are 14 or older to participate in such programs. Cites his work with Habitat for Humanity, but says we have to respect labor laws, hence the age of 14.


Support of the re-naming of a street within city limits after Martin Luther King Jr or another civil rights leader:

Best: It would have to depend on who the individual is, and it would ultimately be up to the council, not so much the mayor.

Thomas: He says there has to be full support from the community for changing the name of a street in any part of the city after people who are considered heroes.


Gun laws which allow students to carry guns on campus:

Thomas: Gun laws are passed down from state legislative action. They are to follow the law passed by the state. He is concerned about potential situations of violence along the Greenways.

Best: He does not personally agree with what the state did, and hopes for its repeal. However, he agrees with Thomas that they need to follow the law until it is repealed.


Terrorist or natural emergency:

Best: Personal experience with emergency during his time living here.

Thomas: A few months ago he did have a situation, the shooting situation in the center of the city. And he is thankful no one lost their lives in the shooting over at Wal-Mart, and cites the police response as a positive.


TRUNA Lawsuit, 3 unrelated rule:

Thomas: “We are just like any corporation”, regarding lawsuits. If mediation is the best approach, then that is what we will do.

Best: “Of course” to mediation. He wants to do his best to avoid lawsuits being brought, and seek consensus. He would not have supported changing the 3 unrelated rule, and would like to revisit it if elected.

Thomas response: supports the council in making the decision that it did.

Best: Says that the city staff recommended against the change in the 3 unrelated rule, and says we should have listened.


Tax policy:

Best says he had the opportunity not only to manage his own funds but others as well. He has served as the secretary and treasury of the local quash club. He calls himself a fiscal conservative, and wants to make careful use of revenue.

Thomas says he is very careful with money, so much that his shirt is from GoodWill. He says we need to invest appropriately, saying they ended up cutting taxes during his term.


First question goes to Mayor Thomas

When they search for a replacement for City Manager, would they look from within?

Thomas: Looks to bring in competent middle managers, who knows the community, and wants to bring them within first.

Best: He always looks for the one individual who provides the skills we need, and has the experience. Whether it is from within or further, he just wants the very best.


Tom Best:

His mission is to serve all the people and businesses of Greenville. He has a background in Engineering from IBM and moved to Greenville 30 years ago. Lived in Chicago prior to that.  He has worked with Habitat for Humanity and the Community Shelter, disaster relief time, and says he has been involved in some capacity since being here, and looks forward to being mayor.


Allen Thomas Opening Statement:
It has been an honor to serve. He cites a background in economic development, and his ownership of a business. He looks forward to discussing his accomplishments during his term.


Rules of Debate

Each candidate will have 2 minutes to give an opening statement

Each will have a minute to respond to the moderators question

If the candidate’s name is  mentioned by the other during a question, they may have 30 seconds to respond.

Each candidate may only answer only up to 10 questions from the audience.

All debaters must be respectful of each other. Audience is asked to refrain from clapping until the end of the debate.


Keith Cooper, the moderator, says a prayer before beginning: …”We must hold the mayor and all elected officials accountable”…


Moderator gives thanks to Hardees for their support and its district manager. Also thanks the audience for attending during rainy weather. District Court Judge Brian Desoto and William Hillburn are in the audience as well.


Candidates are setting on on the debate table. Seem to be having friendly discussion. Audience is packed with still some seats remaining to be filled. The audience hushes as a speaker comes to the podium.


Today I will be doing the live blog for the Greenville Guardian. My name is Andrew Gorman, and I am a alumnus of ECU and look forward to filling you in on this debate.


Cooper: Next Tuesday at 6:30, Allen Thomas vs. Tom Best, mayoral race. You will have to determine whether Thomas holds onto his seat or is bested by Tom Best.


Smith: Thanks to Cooper and Benevolence Corps for this and other debates to help keep citizens informed. Loves to sit on city council, listening, being civil, collaborating. Problems can always be identified. Everyone’s not always going to agree. Important to do the research and can professionally explain reasons. Focus on solutions. Thanks to Anderson for his interest in democracy and for running.


Closing statements, 3 minutes.

Anderson: Thankful, grateful for support. It’s up to the voters to determine who will fill the seat. Government by the people, for the people. Thanks Ms. Smith, but it’s time for a change. The vote always falls 4-2. The dice are loaded. 4-2. The citizens lose out.


Cooper: Throughout the city, we see a lot of vacant buildings. Would each of you support, in the next year or so, using some of those vacant buildings for tutoring at-risk youth?

Smith: The problem is that those vacant buildings belong to somebody. We can’t just use any. If there are people who have these vacant buildings and want us to use them, please get in touch with us.

Anderson: We have to be very careful about how the city takes possession of property for whatever purposes.


Do you support entertainment that will grow the economy and attract people? Partnerships with convention center and ECU.

Smith: We need more in this city. I would like you to partner with our Parks and Rec to share your ideas and we can utilize your expertise.



for Smith: Thomas spoke against raising fees on sweepstakes parlors, now it turns out he has ties to them. Do you think council should revisit this issue?

Other cities have charged those fees and they’ve had to paid them back. Would I personally bring it back up? No. I don’t know about the ties, I don’t involve myself in the things other people are doing. I just base my opinions on research.


for Smith about the Dream Park — why did you not wait two months to see if the city could get grant money?

We didn’t wait because we’d received word that we were so far down the line, chances were slim to none of us getting that. With that park waiting for 40 years, I didn’t want to wait any more. I didn’t think that was fair. No other areas have waited 40 years for a park.


for Anderson, question about airplane noise:

Anderson: Talked to several people who are affected by the noise.

questioner: You need to talk to everybody, not just the people in one small area.

Anderson: I was in that area. I am concerned, very concerned. And I’m sorry if I made anyone feel left out.


for Smith, question about public housing being moved.

They don’t have the authority to do that because it’s federal. I’ll ask again since you’ve asked me.


for Smith: Why did you vote for a pay raise without citizen input?

It was at the last minute and I think 0 raise is okay since it’s been so long since we’d had a raise. It came up at the last minute even among us as peers.

Questioner: Who brought it up at the last minute?

Smith: It might have been Max Joyner. I don’t think it was the intention of anyone to keep the public out. I wish it had come up earlier.


for Anderson and Smith: Do you think the sweepstakes businesses are harmful to the poor and take advantage of them? What should we do to protect?

Smith: Yes, I think they are. They open them next to low-income neighborhoods and prey on people already in a tough situation. I don’t like them and don’t use them myself. We’ll do everything we can to enforce the laws.

Anderson: I was hustled out of money when I was kid and I quit gambling then.


for Smith about sweepstakes’ locations:

Some churches came to us because they didn’t like sweepstakes parlors so close. We have taken steps to keep those separated. We’re doing what we need to do as much as possible.


for Smith: Why is Greenville not taking action against illegal sweepstakes machines?

We didn’t want to be in the position as a city to have to pay back taxes. It would be better for me if we didn’t have them, but we have to stay legal. We’ve taken action to keep them away from schools.


And now time for questions from the audience.


Time for a break. Many more people have arrived. My guess is 80 or so.


Q12: Do you consider land use designations arbitrary or unfair?

Smith: It’s a difficult question since things change.

Anderson: [unsure]


Q11: Would you support term limits?

Smith: Definitely. People become complacent.

Anderson: Yes.


Q10: Characteristic of a city councilor?

Anderson: honesty


Q9: What are good things your council has done?

Smith: I strongly support the Dream Park. Figuring out an affordable way for people who don’t have the funds to get the backyard trash service. Conversations with citizens about the airport.



Q8: If you are elected, how do you propose to audit the effectiveness of things going on in the city?

Anderson: The students at ECU are good minds and can get experience.

Smith: The city manager’s job is to make sure those programs are functioning as they should.


Q7: There used to be a litany of black-owned businesses down West 5th street. What might we do to revitalize that area and restore the historical significance vis-a-vis black-owned businesses for one. Would you encourage the city council to purchase [xx] as a historical landmark?

Smith: I encourage minority businesses as best I can. See me after the debate if you want more information. The Greenville SEED program is great for growing a new business. Find a mentor, someone who is doing what you want successful.

Anderson: I live in a neighborhood with black contractors. If the city decided they wanted to purchase [unclear]. Goes on to talk about homes that should be condemned, the homeless shelter and homeless people needing places to live.

Smith: We can’t buy every historical property in the city. I would suggest that we use the resources we have to look at the properties. We need to be very careful as a city about saying yes to every historic property.

Anderson: We know when it’s historical. If you’re from Greenville.


Q6: What would you do to encourage more black general contractors?

Smith: Minority organization is a great way to find out what contracts are available. Get the education necessary. Seek information, ask questions, don’t sit back and be shy.

Anderson: Once you are in a business, you have to learn how to manage it. Payroll, accountability; we need more training.


Q5: Do you have any suggestions for what we can do to help ex-felons.

Smith: Partnerships, police.

Anderson: We need other people involved in the criminal justice system and then figure out what’s the best avenue for them to be placed in. We need to consult experts to work with these people so they do not repeat what they’ve done.


Q4: How would you make more jobs?

Anderson: Encourage business owners, entrepreneurs, to look at some of our star kids; come and do mentoring programs to see how things work; give them incentives to be responsible. We have to keep our young folks busy. Teach them to be responsible, respectful. We need to work more closely with parenting our kids.

Smith: It takes a partnership. It’s not something the city can do alone. If there was anything in the city, I’d look in public works. I’d want to partner with business owners to provide jobs for some of our youth.


Q3: Shootings, gang violence — what to do?

Smith: Working with police, community groups, late-night basketball groups to get people active and to share information in groups. I’ll continue to support what our professionals think we should support.

Anderson: We have got to get more jobs. We need more for our kids to do. We have got to get more faith-based groups to get kids to be more responsible.


Q2: If you are elected District 1 representative, tell us a couple of initiatives you would propose.

Anderson: I wouldn’t be concerned just with West Greenville and crime. I’d be concerned with the whole city.

Smith: I’d continue doing what I am doing, working with the police. I’d also like to see the city support more programs for the youth, especially the ages 17-24. We need different options for them.


Q1: Proposed ordinance to refuse beer/wine permits to establishments in violation. Do you support it?

Smith: The city is putting their hands int enough things. The ABC board is doing their job. We’re saying we don’t trust the ABC board when we do that.

Anderson: I would put that in the hands of the ABC board to recommend.




Clinton Ray Anderson, Jr.

Running for a change. “A vote for me is a vote for change. Government is by and for the people. You need someone that’s going to listen to you….We need jobs.”


Coin toss to determine first to speak: Kandie Smith

Three things on platform

  1. Increasing safety, decreasing crime
  2. Economic development
  3. Improving infrastructure, transportation

Listens and responds to citizens. Excited about running for third term.


The rules

2 minutes for opening statement. One minute for answering questions. Extra 30 seconds-one minute allowed for answering complex or complicated questions.

Audience will be able to ask ten questions. No character vilification allowed.

Candidates will be able to ask each other three questions.

Three minutes for closing statements.


Keith Cooper, moderator

West Greenville needs to focus on crime. He was very moved by the recent death of a young woman. Reads reports of people arrested for murder and other violent crime reports.

More citizens have come in. Up to 25 or 30.


Kicking it off with a prayer.

About 15 people in the audience, at least four of whom are reporters.

Candidates have taken seats on the stage.


I’m looking forward to giving live updates throughout tonight’s debate.

The at-large debate between Mercer and Mitchell had perhaps over 100 attendees. Turnout for this debate, with five minutes to go until scheduled start time, looks much thinner–heavy on media, lighter on citizens.


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Editorial: If we’re so interested in working together, why don’t wee see any compromise? How about passing the parts people agree on — the committee, for instance. Let’s work on the things people agree need work. And talk about whether an occupancy increase is going to be good for the city — together. The irony of those who call for working together for the best of the city and then vote against nearly 80% of public opinion should not be lost. 


Motion passes: Smith, Joyner, Glover, Mitchell

Blackburn and Mercer against


The best thing we can do is find a way to work together.  — Allen Thomas


“It seems like most everybody wants the same thing. This is not perfect and nobody’s saying it is.” —  Allen Thomas


“We’re still harping on the election because our candidate did not win.” — Dennis Mitchell


“The university neighborhood has retained legal counsel.”  — Marion Blackburn


“We’ve got to work together to find some solutions to this thing.” — Allen Thomas


Joyner’s plan also includes a committee to work on improving the neighborhood. 



Inspection would ensure four bedrooms and parking.  

Tax records would certify square footage. 


Joyner’s requirements for 4 occupants:

1500 square feet of heated floor space

3 on-site parking places

4 bedrooms


Joyner makes a lengthy motion for an overlay district in the tar river university.

Mitchell 2nds. 


The alternatives to be considered:

Alternative 1
Change the definition of family to allow 4 unrelated individuals to occupy a dwelling unit.
Note: This approach would be applied city-wide to all dwelling units.

Alternative 2
Create a new land use (Extra Occupancy Residence) that allows up to 4 unrelated occupancy within specified zoning districts by right.
Note: This approach limits application to specified zoning districts with no additional standards.

Alternative 3
Create a new land use (Extra Occupancy Residence) that allows up to 4 unrelated occupancy within specified zoning districts by right subject to certain standards being met.
Note: This approach limits application to specified zoning districts with additional standards.

Alternative 4
Create a new land use (Extra Occupancy Residence) that allows up to 4 unrelated occupancy within specified zoning districts with a Special Use Permit subject to certain standards being met.
Note: This approach limits application to specified zoning districts with additional standards.

Alternative 5
Create an overlay district encompassing an area or areas of unique characteristics that allows up to 4 unrelated occupancy by right.
Note: Application limited to specified geographic area.

Alternative 6
Create an overlay district encompassing an area or areas of unique characteristics that allows up to 4 unrelated occupancy by right subject to certain standards being met.
Note: Application limited to specified geographic area.

Alternative 7
Create an overlay district encompassing an area or areas of unique characteristics that
allows up to 4 unrelated occupancy with a Special Use Permit subject to certain standards being met.
Note: Application limited to specified geographic area.

Alternative 8

Leave existing standard unchanged (do nothing alternative).

Note: City-wide application.

Alternative 9
Establish a Work Group or Committee to further discuss increased unrelated occupancy
and provide recommendations to City Council.


Mitchell has requested that in addition to the regular 30 minute public comment period, there be an additional 40 minute comment period on the three unrelated occupancy issue: 20 minutes for people to speak in support of a change, 20 minutes against.

 Approved unanimously. 



Checking in at the city council meeting. Lots of folks here already.

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