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The First (and Last) “Bless Your Heart”

Creative Commons license, photo by Seyed Mostafa Zamani.

Creative Commons license, photo by Seyed Mostafa Zamani.

Bless your heart to the newspaper that provides a forum for the demonization of poor people. Perpetuating the false notion that people who live in poverty enjoy an easy life, want to remain there, and gleefully depend on the hard work of everyone else is harmful to society and promotes ignorance and a lack of compassion.

Bless your heart to the same newspaper that allows a forum where it’s okay to suggest that people in jail deserve whatever they get and should be afforded a modicum of neither dignity nor respect.

Bless your heart to the same newspaper, yet again, that willingly prints patently false information regarding registering to vote and in-state residency requirements at East Carolina University. Simply irresponsible.

Down with anonymity.

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Responses (3)

  1. Richard Miller says:

    Agreed. If journalists want to be thought of as professionals they should take the responsibility to exercise professional judgment. What is published under “Bless Your Heart” is too often simple pandering to the worst in people.

  2. This, and the Pirate Rant column have always been problematic. People will say and do things they normally wouldn’t when given the veil of anonymity. That is why I like mandated policies on websites where someone has to give their full name. They will think twice before they submit something crude, mean-hearted, or incorrect.

    I love it when readers send a letter to the editor, and staff writers can even have a chance to respond.

    If you want to see some of the worst of the worst, look at almost every television news site’s comments for stories. It is as if societies lowest common denominators have nothing better to do but to say the most vile things.

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