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Coming up: Appointments and Hearings

by Lisa Ellison

All items up for vote at Monday night’s city council meeting were unanimously approved.

photo credit: City of Greenville

photo credit: City of Greenville

Council meets again Thursday at 7 p.m., at City Hall.

It will be a big night for appointments, with citizens being named to boards and commissions. Council will also vote on their own committee appointments.

A seat filled by former District 5 representative Max Joyner on the Taxicab Appeal Board, which hears appeals of those refused a taxi driver’s permit by the police chief, will be filled. Joyner and Rose Glover (D2) were on the the Joint Pay and Benefits Committee, which studies the salary plans between the city and Greenville Utilities Commission; Glover is eligible for reappointment. Joyner’s seat on the Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) Trust, a group managing the life insurance and health care premiums of retired employees, must also be filled.

The mayor will make appointments to the Audit Committee and the City Council Economic Development Commissions. Mayor Allen Thomas, Glover and Joyner held the Audit Committee seats, and Thomas and Glover are eligible for reappointment. Thomas, former at-large representative Dennis Mitchell and Kandie Smith (D1) held the Economic Development seats; Thomas and Smith are eligible for reappointment.

The public will have an opportunity to comment on three items.

  • Comprising just over two acres north-east of town, Lakeview Industrial Park petitioned the city for voluntary annexation. The land is undeveloped and will be zoned “Unoffensive Industry.” The estimated tax value at full development is $863,459.

  • Stow Management and Stephen Harrington want nearly 26 vacant acres off north Memorial Drive, south of Martin Luther King Jr. Highway, be rezoned from Unoffensive Industry to Heavy Commercial. Jim Hopf, a representative from Stow Management, told the city’s planning and zoning commission (P&Z) that the request is market driven. He said Stow has received numerous calls over the years asking that the site be commercial, retail, or service-oriented businesses rather than industrial. City staff has determined this change is in compliance with the Horizons Future Land Use Plan. P&Z voted unanimously on Dec. 17 to recommend the change.

  • The owners of 205 and 207 E. Fifth Street filed a petition to close a portion of the alley north of their properties to accommodate an elevator. The 1915- and 1925-built properties are being redeveloped, and installing an elevator requires closing a portion of the alley.

Council will vote on amending the ordinance limiting public alleys in the central business district to pedestrians and service vehicles in order to expand the eastern boundary to Reade Street.

Members of the gallery will be heard for three minutes each during the thirty-minute public comment period. Topics such as rezoning requests are decided during “meetings within the meeting”–also known as public hearings–which allot separate time for public comment on the issue at hand.

See Thursday’s full agenda here.

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