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Election Turnout Reports

By Lisa Ellison

Update, 3:24 p.m.:
As of two o’clock, the top three precincts (11A, 10A and 10B) hold their positions with 31, 26 and 22 percent of registered voters having done their civic duty. 12B has leaped ahead of 8A, with 18 percent to 8A’s 15 percent, which Precinct 9 (Hooker Memorial Church on SE Greenville Boulevard, serving D1, D3 and D4) has unseated for fifth in the highest voter turnout ranking, with 17 percent. 

5A remains the loser in voter turnout at 7 percent. Newcomer to the precincts with the fewest number of voters showing up is 7B at the First Presbyterian Church on S. Elm street, serving D3 and D4, with 8 percent. 4A moves to third, also with 8 percent. Also with 8 percent are 12A and another newcomer to the list of the five precincts with the fewest voters, 13B (New Destiny Church Pentecostal Holiness Church Activity Center on East Firetower, serving D4 and D5). 

See the chart of the whole county’s voting numbers, as of 2 p.m., here.

Previous report: As of 10 a.m., Greenville precinct 11A has seen more than 20 percent of its registered voters turn out to vote. The polling place, at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Lynndale neighborhood, off Evans near Greenville Boulevard, serves District 5.

Next in line is 10A (Oakmont Baptist on Red Banks) with 18 percent of voters having voted this so far. Then there’s

– 10B at Unity Free Will Baptist Church on E. 14th, also serving D5 with 16 percent;
– 8A, serving D1 and D3 at the Willis Building on E. 1st with nearly 13 percent; and
– 12B at the University Church of Christ on Crestline, serving D2 and D5, with 12 percent.

The bottom five precincts for voter turnout so far:

– 5A at Victory Christian Center on Laughinghouse Rd, serving D1 and D2, with 5 percent of voters voting;
– 4A at Selvia Chapel FWB Church on Halifax, serving D1 and D2, 6 percent;
– 11B, First FWB Church on S. Charles Blvd., serving D1 and D3, 6 percent;
– 4B at Saint Gabriel’s Catholic Church on Dickinson, serving D1 and D2, 6 percent;
– 12A at Koinonia Christian Church on SW Greenville Blvd, serving D2 and D5, 6 percent.

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