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Out and About: Two New Brew Venues

Fall’s arrival has brought Greenville’s beer and pub fans some good news: the opening of two new venues in our area. Both Tapped and Dickinson Avenue Public House offer modern and welcoming atmospheres for socializing, with a full selection of craft beers.

To learn more, we asked the folks behind these new ventures how their concepts were developed.

Out and About in Greenville
by Aaron Lucier

Tapped, a craft beer store featuring a beer garden, is located on Firetower Road. It was opened by Jeremy and Jennifer Spengeman, the owners of another fixture on Firetower, Basil’s Restaurant.

Jeremy answered my questions via email:

microbrewsGG: What was the vision for Tapped?

JS: We wanted to create a welcoming environment for all ages (21 years and older to drink) and status groups. We want everyone who appreciates beer to be able to begin or continue on their craft beer journey.  We want to help educate people, whether this is their first draft beer or even those who are more knowledgeable than ourselves. 

GG: How long was it in the planning before it opened?

JS: We unofficially started planning when we created Basil’s Secret Stash of craft beers and began offering growlers in October 2014. We then began getting the approvals with the city while continuing to define what we wanted the shop to be. 

GG: What day did you officially open?

JS: Saturday, October 3rd. Our “official grand opening” will occur in late November or early December. At that point we will start doing some more promoting and getting our regular events and tap take-overs going. [In a tap take-over, a particular brewer offers a selection of its own brews, on-draft.] We have already done an event with Devil’s Backbone and have scheduled tap take-overs with Coronado, Hi-Wire, Aviator and are working on Southern Tier, Ballast Point and others. 

GG: What are you most proud of, overall?

JS: Bringing something new to Greenville, in a concept that is open and inviting to all patrons and beer drinkers of different knowledge levels. While you can’t please everyone, the overwhelming majority of our customers have been very positive and excited to be a part and patron of what we are doing. 

Greenville’s other new home for hops lovers is Dickinson Avenue Public House (DAPH), located in the redeveloping Dickinson Avenue Uptown neighborhood. 

Christy’s Euro Pub founders Tandi Mahn and Jacob Wilson are the team behind DAPH.  Wilson serves as chef, while Mahn handles back-office stuff and helps at the bar and in the kitchen. Their team includes Kristi Southern, who oversees the dining room, and  Brad Hufford, who handles marketing and helps out on busy nights. Hufford answered my emailed questions:  

GG: What was the vision for developing for DAPH?

BH: Tandi and Jacob created something special with Christy’s Euro Pub, and we wanted to build off of that foundation. Everyone loves the pub’s rotating beer selection and scratch-made bar food menu. The Public House allows space to do more involved dishes with a slightly higher price point.

The kitchen really gets to shine, with a focus on unique dishes using local ingredients. Snacks, share plates, salads, main dishes and desserts make up a menu that will evolve and change regularly with the season. The menu is diverse and runs from new takes on traditional southern dishes to international flavors, vegetarian options, fish and seafood.

Overall we wanted a unique place for Greenville with excellent food and great drinks that would not be out of place in larger cities. 

GG: How long was it in the planning before it opened?

BH: We had been planning the Public House for over a year. We got connected to Danny Kaddis and Rehab Builders through the another project in uptown Greenville. Construction took a big part of the time, since the location on Dickinson was a complete rebuild- taking the building down to a shell and rebuilding . We worked with Richard King at Dunn & Dalton architects for the building plan and picking out the interiors. As with most projects we had ups and downs, including finding historic murals on one wall, flipping the entire design as a result, and battling a bar that just wouldn’t cooperate. We think it came out great and we are proud of the results.

GG: What day did you officially open?

BH: Thursday, October 8th. 

GG: What are you (and the team) most proud of, overall?

BH: Speaking for myself, I am most proud of the team at the restaurant, who have put in a lot of hours and hard work to make it what it is. The kitchen team really puts a lot into the preparation of the dishes and making sure everything runs  smoothly. Our bar staff have made it their own by coming up with signature cocktails. Our wait staff takes good care of our customers and they adapt on the fly. 

Overall though, we are proud of how the final product came out and the reception we have gotten from the community. People enjoy the decor and lights, especially the murals. Some people are asking how we painted them that way (they are original). We’ve only been open for a month now, and we’ve got regulars that come multiple times a week. If the food was not on point, we wouldn’t have that type of support. We take dining seriously and people appreciate that we are doing it on Dickinson Avenue and in Greenville, North Carolina.  

GG: What are the most popular menu items?     

BH: Everybody has their favorites, but in general our best-selling items are the Texas Smoked Baby Back Ribs, the DAPHouse Fried Chicken, and the Pig and Grits.



650 Firetower Rd, Greenville.  252-689-6455;

Hours: Mon-Thurs: 1 – 10 p.m., Fri: 1 – 11 p.m., Sat: 12 – 11 p.m., Sun: 12 – 8 p.m.

Dickinson Avenue Public House

703 Dickinson Ave, Greenville. 252-689-6388;

Hours: Tues and Wed: 5:30 – 10 p.m. (kitchen closes), Thurs – Sat: 5:30 – 10:30 p.m. (kitchen closes)

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