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A Letter To Our Readers

When we launched the Greenville Guardian four years ago, we had no idea what to expect.

Would Greenville, a growing city with real issues arising from that growth, welcome or shun another media outlet? Especially one whose editorial policy espoused growing not for growth’s sake, but for the right reasons?

Could we find writers able to offer new insights into local culture, history and communities in a way readers would find engaging?

Might our presence push other media outlets to look more deeply at the actions of those who seek to lead Greenville to its future?

Our success in these things is for others to judge, but we do know this: It’s been an honor and privilege to serve you, and it’s now time for others to take the reins.

The idea of non-profit media is not without precedent, but this particular form of that model is pretty rare. The support of readers that is necessary to make it go, and very honestly, the sacrifices required of those doing the day-to-day work, are formidable. Though we’ve given it our best over the Guardian’s formative years, we’re both ready for new challenges.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve reached out to people who share our concern for this city and our passion for journalism that asks hard questions. We anticipate their involvement and eventual coalescence into a new leadership team.

Most of all, as readers, we’re both looking forward to the new energy they will bring, as they roll up their sleeves and build the Guardian’s next iteration.

The continued support of the Guardian Angels who have provided the fiscal basis of this effort up to now will be crucial in the coming weeks. We urge those of you who made your annual payment in a one-time donation at this time last year, during our first “Guardian Angel” campaign, to renew your support now. If you support us monthly, please keep that support in place. Come January 1, one of two things will happen: The new team will be in place, or this site will go dark. Right now, the odds seem to strongly favor the first outcome.

We of course are working hard to make it happen, with a team that we believe will take the Guardian in new and exciting directions while maintaining its reputation for no-punches-pulled reporting on the things that matter most to all who live, work and play here. We will keep you posted throughout December as the Guardian’s future takes shape.

With sincere thanks to our readers, donors, Angels, and commenters for your fiscal and moral support, and most of all, for the privilege of serving you,

Lisa Ellison (Editor, Co-Founder)
Anthony Noel (Contributing Writer, Co-Founder)

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