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New Leadership Takes Shape

Four years ago, The Greenville Guardian was born to provide more in-depth coverage of news, politics, events, personalities, and issues in our community. We’re proud of the work we’ve done. But time brings change to everything, and we are undergoing some changes. Anthony Noel and Lisa Ellison, who co-founded and formed the editorial backbone of the Guardian, are moving on to pursue other interests. A new leadership team is taking shape, along with some familiar writers.

Steve Johnson, editor of the Minority Voice newspaper, has lived in Greenville for 8 years after moving to eastern North Carolina from Los Angeles. He will serve as managing editor.

Uriah Ward, a Social Studies Teacher originally from Greenville, has spent his entire life in or around politics. He has an extensive background in political organization and issue advocacy. He will serve as opinions editor.

Both Steve’s and Uriah’s bios are below.

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Steve Johnson has spent years chronicling African American history, and advocating for the rights of citizens the mainstream media seems to overlook. At the Greenville Guardian, he intends to continue those efforts. He strongly agrees with the Guardian’s mission to support strong neighborhoods, locally owned businesses, and environmental stewardship. It is his hope to continue that mission in addition to addressing other community concerns. In the coming weeks he hopes to open an honest dialogue regarding his concerns on Palestinian and Israeli relations, religious hypocrisy, why Black Lives Matter, and most importantly, the lack of multicultural diversity in uptown Greenville.

Uriah Ward  was born in Greenville, and attended ECU to receive a B.S in Political Science. He currently works as a social studies teacher at Chocowinity Middle School. He has managed two successful city council campaigns and volunteered with many others. He has served as the chair-elect of a local commission, worked as a political organizer within the Democratic Party and was the Democratic Nominee for N.C. House District 9 in 2014. He performs improv and stand-up comedy in his spare time.

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