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Democrats’ Choice: District 5 State Senate

by Lisa Wilbourne

Registered democrats in Greene and parts of Lenoir, Pitt, and Wayne counties will be voting for the NC Senate District 5 candidate who will appear on the November ballot.

The district 5 seat is currently held by Republican Louis Pate who, after district lines were redrawn in 2011, is running for re-election in district 7. To see an analysis of new senate districts in NC, click here.

Don Davis and Tony Moore have both previously served as state senators: Moore in 2003-2004 and Davis in 2008-2009.

“We can do better

than midnight meetings

attacking teachers.”

Don Davis

NC Senate District 5 Candidate

While both candidates are running as democrats, Tony Moore has had a diverse past regarding his affiliation, running as a republican in elections from 2004-2007, then again as a democrat for his successful 2007 run for alderman of Winterville.

At a forum moderated by John Moore held at the Fountain Community Center on April 25, both candidates were present to answer questions. The candidates took turns providing the first response to each of the four questions chosen at random from questions submitted by citizens in the Farmville, Fountain, and Falkland area.

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The questions and their responses, in the order they were given:

Tony Moore

1. Why are you seeking to represent the people of District 5?

Moore says he has experience; he’s from Eastern North Carolina. Born to a young mother, growing up without much, dropping out of high school, then going on to receive numerous higher degrees – these things give him an understanding of hardship.

As evidenced by his service to his country (Air Force), his state (Senator), and his town (Mayor), Davis understands “part of my charge is to give back.” He sees public administration as one of his strengths, and has spent nearly 15 years in higher education.

Don Davis

2. If elected, what do you hope to accomplish within your two year term?

While a senator, Davis co-chaired a drop-out prevention committee. He’d like to see funding return to this and other educational initiatives. He also expresses an interest in helping support small businesses.

Providing a description of the reports fishermen have to file for catches-the kind of fish, how big, and other observations-and the reports that have to be filed if no fishing is done, Moore says the state needs better accountability, that it can’t keep up with its own records, and that the department of commerce is poorly trained.

3. How would you handle a shortfall in the state budget?

Moore says the town of Winterville, where he has served on the council, has been able to give raises every year because of its good business practices. He talks about the businesses he owns and the good management they receive, with his employees receiving full-benefits packages, comparable to state employees’ benefits.

Davis says, “fiscal-year to fiscal-year work doesn’t always lend itself to long-range planning.” He goes on to suggest that weeding out abuse in the system, creating more efficient operations, and bringing stake-holders together to make sure the right services are being provided are ways of helping ease the budget shortfall. He also says, “cuts are talked about a lot, but not growth: growth generates revenue. Raising taxes should be the last resort.”

4. What steps would you propose to improve the current economic condition of the State of North Carolina?

Davis says he would keep options open by looking at corporate tax systems, incentives, and making sure we aren’t creating too many hoops for small business owners to jump through.

Moore cites a recent expose on non-profit hospitals and discusses the incompetence in the NC Office of the State Auditor.

In closing statements, Moore continues with criticism of state departments. Davis, expressing gratitude to those in attendance, remarks, “we can do better than midnight meetings attacking teachers.”

Visit the candidates’ campaign sites:
Don Davis      Tony Moore

Vote on May 8 at your polling site or visit one of the early voting sites by May 5.  

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