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For you folks who’ve waited until the last possible moment to learn a little about the candidates, here’s the Guardian’s list of links to candidates’ websites. For your last-minute viewing ease, Republicans are red, Democrats blue. Since this is a primary election, your ballot will only have people from the party you’re registered for, the nonpartisan district court judge, and the two referenda. There are also Libertarian and Non-partisan ballots. 

Presidential candidates are not included on this list. 

US House of Representatives District 1
Dan Whittacre (D)
GK Butterfield (D)

US House of Representatives District 3
Walter B Jones (R)
Frank Palombo (R)

NC Governor
Walter H. Dalton (D)
Gary M. Dunn (D)
Bob Etheridge (D)
Bill Faison (D)
Gardenia M. Henley (D)
Bruce Blackmon (D)
Jim Harney (R)
Scott A Jones (R)
Jim Mahan (R)
Pat McCrory (R)
Charles Kenneth Moss (R)
Paul Wright (R)

NC Lieutenant Governor
Eric L. Mansfield (D)
Linda D. Coleman (D)
Dale Folwell (R)
Dan Forest (R)
Tony Gurley (R)
Grey Mills (R)
Arthur Jason Rich (R)

NC Auditor
Joseph Hank DeBragga (R)
Greg Dority (R)
Debra Goldman (R)
Fern Shubert (R)
Rudy Wright (R)

NC Commissioner of Agriculture
Walter Smith (D)
Scott Bryant (D)
Bill McManus (R)
Steve Troxler (R)

NC Commissioner of Insurance
James McCall (R)
Richard Morgan (R)
Mike Causey (R)

NC Commissioner of Labor
Marlowe Foster (D)
Ty Richardson (D)
John C Brooks (D)

NC Secretary of State
AJ Daoud (R)
Kenn Gardner (R)
Ed Goodwin (R)
Michael Beitler (R)

NC Superintendent of Public Instruction
Ray Ernest Martin (R)
David Scholl (R)
John Tedesco (R)
Richard Alexander (R)
Mark Crawford (R)

NC Treasurer
Ron Elmer (D)
Janet Cowell (D)
Frank Roche (R)
Steve Royal (R)

NC House of Representatives District 9
Jack Wall (R)
Brian Brown (R)

NC State Senate District 5
Don Davis (D)
Tony Moore (D)

Board of County Commissioners District A
Melvin C McLawhorn (D) 
Reginald Walton (D) 

Board of County Commissioners District B
Burnice Harris (R) 
Tom Coulson (R) 

NC District Court Judge District 3A

Marriage Amendment: Constitutional Amendment to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State.

Town of Ayden Mixed Beverage Election: To permit the sale of mixed beverages in hotels, restaurants, private clubs, community theatres, and convention centers. 

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