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The Greenville Guardian is building a different kind of local newspaper. Paperless for one thing. Non-profit for another. But most important, we provide incisive, insistent reporting that reminds local leaders of the things most important to we who live, work, and play here. By subscribing – a minimum commitment of $144 per year or just $12 monthly – you become a “Guardian Angel” and enjoy the special benefits detailed at the right.

While we hope you’ll join our “Angel Band,” we welcome one-time donations too–with open “wings”! Just click “Donate” below to give the amount most comfortable for you, quickly and securely. However you choose to support the Guardian’s work, we thank you!

If you prefer, send donations via check/money order to:

The Greenville Guardian, 105 Gawain Road, Greenville, NC 27858

We can also arrange, at your request, monthly drafts from your bank account. Email for more information.

The Greenville Guardian is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization. Contributions support our work in the public interest, but generally are not tax deductible for charitable purposes. Donors should consult a tax professional before seeking a deduction.

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