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Want to write for the Greenville Guardian? Read this stuff first.

What we pay:

news, including remarkable photography: $25 — Straight-forward reporting on something happening out there in the world. At least 300 words. As needed/available.

culture/community: $50 —  A look at some element of our world. Profiles of people or organizations making some difference in the community (arts, politics, civil rights, human services: something interesting to a human) or an examination of some phenomenon affecting people in Greenville. You’ll need to interview at least one source on your topic. At least 500 words. We publish 2-3 of these per month.

analysis: starts at $150 — Long-form, in-depth analysis on something affecting people in Greenville. Should be complex, interesting, exhaustive, investigative and should present more than one point of view. You’ll need to interview at least three sources on your topic. At least 1500 words. We publish one of these per month. 

Our audience: Intelligent readers who are interested in and curious about the world, with broad interests and familiarity with a great deal of human experience. 

We are happy to consider series.

Though it is not a requirement, we invite our writers to contribute short (500 words or more) reviews of local events or performances and creative, opinion or satirical pieces. While we are dedicated to paying a reasonable fee for writing, we have a very small budget. We look forward to expanding the number and variety of writing we can pay for (Please share the word about supporting us so we can move toward that goal!).

The Guardian accepts unsolicited reviews of local events and op-eds as well as interesting photographs (with captions) for possible publication. Though we offer no payment for such submissions, writers/photographers will be credited if their work is selected.

Please note, all word counts are given as the minimum expected for each type of article. As we are not bound by printing costs or space constraints, we believe the King said it best to the White Rabbit, “Begin at the beginning, … and go on till you come to the end: then stop” (Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland).

Fully-formed idea? Pitch it to Lisa.
Keep in mind: Greenville, NC should be the focal point. Issues effecting people in Greenville from a state, national or worldwide level are welcome, but sources/experts should be local to as great an extent possible.

Want an assignment? Email Lisa. She will pick out the perfect thing for you. Tell her a little about yourself, your interests and your writing experience.

Images, audios and video clips — any digital media — are encouraged. Please credit art and all sources appropriately.

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