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Analysis: Making Bradford Creek Work

Analysis: Making Bradford Creek Work

by Lisa Wilbourne Quick Summary To make Bradford Creek, the city’s golf course, able to cover its own operating costs, a golf course management and operational consultant reports the city needs to do these four things. Hire a general manager. Increase marketing to get more rounds played per year. Increase playing fees. Fund capital improvements. […]

Occupation, Communication, Recreation, Preservation: City Council’s October Decisions

Occupation, Communication, Recreation, Preservation: City Council’s October Decisions

By Lisa Wilbourne By far the most controversial topic discussed at City Hall in October was the change to the occupancy code for a small section of the city. Council voted 4-2 (Rose Glover, Max Joyner, Dennis Mitchell, Kandie Smith for; Marion Blackburn, Calvin Mercer against) to establish new rules in the Tar River-University neighborhood […]

From the Editor: Mayor as Manager

Bartlett, William Anderson, Wes Anderson, Moton and Bowers (no picture of Case was available)

Barbara Lipscomb became Greenville’s city manager in mid-August. During her second city council meeting a month later, she made it clear that she is not as interested in keeping city councilors happy as in performing the duties for which they’ve hired her. Under Greenville’s Council-Manager form of government the mayor and council are elected every […]

City Appoints Barbara Lipscomb City Manager

photo: City of Greenville

by Lisa Wilbourne Beginning August 13, Barbara Lipscomb will serve as Greenville’s City Manager. Most recently Lipscomb was city manager of Casselberry, Fla.  Lipscomb has 32 years experience working with city governments. She earned a B.A. in Geography and Political Science from University of Georgia, and a Master of Regional Planning from UNC-Chapel Hill.  See […]

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