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Tonight and Tomorrow: Smith vs. Barrow on GPAT

Questioners Keith Cooper of the Benevolence Corps converses with former city councilor and Guardian election correspondent Dennis Mitchell prior to last week's debate (photo: Jake Postma)

Last Saturday’s debate between district 1 city council incumbent Kandie Smith and challenger Patrice Barrow will be broadcast in its entirety several times this weekend on GPAT-TV 23. The session, the first in a series of debates among┬ácandidates for city council, runs just over an hour. It airs Friday at 7 and 11 p.m., and […]

Liveblog: Smith vs. Barrow

Liveblog: Smith vs. Barrow

Below is an edited transcript of contributing writer Anthony Noel’s live blog of Saturday morning’s debate between candidates for Greenville’s District 1 city council seat. (We’d hoped share this debate via live video-stream, but a defective piece of equipment needed for the stream precluded our doing so. A new one is one the way from […]

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