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And So It Begins…

Guardian Staff Report The November election proved a turning point for Greenville’s city council. Marion Blackburn, who held the district 3 seat since 2009, was replaced by 23-year-old McLean Godley. In D5, 32-year-old P.J. Connelly defeated one-termer Dr. Richard Croskery, who won the seat in 2013. It remains to be seen how the new mix […]

Godley opposes “voting bloc,” Blackburn cites record

Godley opposes “voting bloc,” Blackburn cites record

By Dennis Mitchell Election Correspondent Voters in district 3 on Tuesday must choose between Marion Blackburn and McLean Godley. Blackburn, in her third term as the district’s representative, touts her dedication to improving the quality of life for residents as one of the reasons she should be re-elected. Godley points to ending division on the […]

Cleaning Up The Daily Reflector’s Mess

Cleaning Up The Daily Reflector’s Mess

By Anthony Noel Contributing Writer Many things contributed to my decision, back in the 1980s, to start my first business. I’d make more money. I’d set my own schedule. I’d be my own boss. That last one was by far the most enticing: I could run things my way. That sense came to a head […]

BoE Throws Out Wetherington Protest

Katherine Wetherington, from the campaign's Facebook page

by Guardian Staff The Pitt County Board of Elections, meeting late this afternoon, voted unanimously to throw out a protest filed by the losing candidate in the race for Greenville’s district 3 city council seat. Katherine Wetherington, who has ties to the local real estate industry and manages a downtown restaurant, lost the race by […]

Williams Withdraws Election Protest; Wetherington’s Still Pending

Terri Williams

by Guardian Staff Greenville city council district 4 hopeful Terri Williams late yesterday withdrew her election protest, effectively ending her campaign and conceding victory to Rick Smiley. A 4 p.m. Board of Elections hearing on the protest of district 3 candidate Katherine Wetherington, however, is still pending. Williams’ protest charged some voters were turned away […]

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