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Pre-election Financial Reports

Pre-election financial reports, covering the period through October 19, have been released. Patrice Barrow (D1 challenger) and Terrence Boardman (D4 challenger) will both come in below the $1,000 threshold and are exempt from filing. D3 challenger McLean Godley’s report, submitted at 5 p.m. October 26, was incomplete; the¬†amended report now included below was filed October […]

BoE Throws Out Wetherington Protest

Katherine Wetherington, from the campaign's Facebook page

by Guardian Staff The Pitt County Board of Elections, meeting late this afternoon, voted unanimously to throw out a protest filed by the losing candidate in the race for Greenville’s district 3 city council seat. Katherine Wetherington, who has ties to the local real estate industry and manages a downtown restaurant, lost the race by […]

Williams Withdraws Election Protest; Wetherington’s Still Pending

Terri Williams

by Guardian Staff Greenville city council district 4 hopeful Terri Williams late yesterday withdrew her election protest, effectively ending her campaign and conceding victory to Rick Smiley. A 4 p.m. Board of Elections hearing on the protest of district 3 candidate Katherine Wetherington, however, is still pending. Williams’ protest charged some voters were turned away […]

Williams Residency Petition Dismissed

Terri Williams

by Lisa Ellison At a 5 p.m. preliminary hearing, the Board of Elections dismissed the protest¬†petition brought forward by William Bivins on September 26 questioning District 4 candidate Terri Williams’ residency. Bivins stated that Williams, under sworn statement and penalty of perjury, declared a Bath address in a bankruptcy hearing. The concern was that either […]

Breaking the Rules, Again

Breaking the Rules, Again

By Anthony Noel Mayor Allen Thomas and at-large city councilor Dennis Mitchell are at it again: Ignoring the rules. We’ve already reported on Thomas’ extended stay on Greenville’s planning and zoning commission prior to his election two years ago. Mr. Mitchell’s $500,000-plus indebtedness to the IRS, meanwhile, is fast becoming a campaign issue. And now, […]

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