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From the Editor: Mayor as Manager

Bartlett, William Anderson, Wes Anderson, Moton and Bowers (no picture of Case was available)

Barbara Lipscomb became Greenville’s city manager in mid-August. During her second city council meeting a month later, she made it clear that she is not as interested in keeping city councilors happy as in performing the duties for which they’ve hired her. Under Greenville’s Council-Manager form of government the mayor and council are elected every […]

Op-Ed: We Need the ‘Rule of Three’ but That’s Just a Start

photo by Aileen Devlin / courtesy of the Daily Reflector

By Marion Blackburn Call it the “Summer of Three.” No more than three, that is. All summer, Greenville has been abuzz about possibly changing the ordinance that says only three unrelated people can share a house. That’s because in August, City Council will reconsider this city policy. The request to re-evaluate it came in March when […]

Marriage and Family, State and City

Marriage and Family, State and City

What does a local rezoning issue have to do with a statewide constitutional amendment? Not much, except both of them involve definitions of familial status. ————————- IN OUR OPINION ————————- State-wide definition of marriage A couple of weeks ago, our state decided to adopt a strict definition of which domestic partners receive legal recognition and […]

Council cuts budget, tries to keep services intact

Council cuts budget, tries to keep services intact

By Lisa Wilbourne On Monday May 7, City Council heard a report on Bradford Creek Golf Course. The council unanimously agreed that the golf course provides an important service for the city’s residents and voted, also unanimously, to move the golf course from its classification as an Enterprise Fund, i.e., 100% self-supporting from fees collected, and […]

City Council update

City Council

by Lisa Wilbourne On Monday, April 9, City Council passed a resolution opposing the Constitutional Amendment that will appear on the May ballot. All council members voted in favor of this resolution except District 5 Councilman Max Joyner, who said, “It is not a city council issue.” See the discussion here.  Do you value The Guardian’s in-depth journalism? […]

Wayne Bowers: How I Manage

Part three of five in our discussion with former Greenville City Manager Wayne Bowers, who resigned February 29. (Click here for part one, here for part two. Full series schedule here.) By Anthony Noel In the previous installment, Bowers talked extensively about BMW deciding to build its American manufacturing plant in Spartanburg while he was […]

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