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Will Barrow Distinguish Herself from Smith?

Will Barrow Distinguish Herself from Smith?

D1 Candidates Debate Saturday by Dennis Mitchell, Election Correspondent and Lisa Ellison, Editor The first debate in our City Council Debate Series, co-sponsored by the Minority Voice, is coming up fast—Saturday morning, actually. District 1, one of two “majority minority” districts in the city, is comprised largely of Greenville north of the Tar River, an […]

Mayor Claims Success, Challengers Disagree

photo: City of Greenville

by Dennis Mitchell Election correspondent Allen Thomas, running for his third term as mayor of Greenville, faces two challengers who hope to end his tenure by calling him out on his record. Via email, Thomas touted a litany of notable national rankings Greenville has received over the last few years, as indicators of his success […]

Op-Ed: Focus Should Be on Solutions to Area’s Problems

Dennis Mitchell

By Dennis Mitchell Over the last few weeks in our community, people have been embroiled in a debate over whether or not to keep the current policy of allowing no more than 3 unrelated people to live in a single-family home. After meeting with groups and individuals to hear their arguments surrounding the rule, I […]

Op-Ed: We Need the ‘Rule of Three’ but That’s Just a Start

photo by Aileen Devlin / courtesy of the Daily Reflector

By Marion Blackburn Call it the “Summer of Three.” No more than three, that is. All summer, Greenville has been abuzz about possibly changing the ordinance that says only three unrelated people can share a house. That’s because in August, City Council will reconsider this city policy. The request to re-evaluate it came in March when […]

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