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At Large: Anderson Attacks, Mercer Cries Foul


By Dennis Mitchell Election Correspondent The race for the lone city council seat representing all of Greenville pits incumbent Calvin Mercer against newcomer Erik Anderson. Mercer has the distinction of serving on city council for four consecutive terms, three as the representative from District 4, and now as the At-Large representative. This is Anderson’s first […]

Mayor invested in sweepstakes owner’s business

Mayor invested in sweepstakes owner’s business

By Guardian Staff Greenville Mayor Allen Thomas asserted in Sunday’s Daily Reflector that he severed ties to sweepstakes company Biltmore Venture Group II in January 2012 because he “didn’t like the direction the company was taking” and “wanted to invest his resources elsewhere.” Thomas told the paper he had invested in a company called Zabra, and had […]

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