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An Easy, Peaceful Solution to the Oregon Standoff

All hat (and wild prattle)

This land is your land. This land is my land. Unless, apparently, you’re Ammon Bundy or one of his rancher buddies, in which case all land is their land. Period. As 2016 dawned, a small group of armed Americans (now calling itself “Citizens for Constitutional Freedom”) broke off from a larger protest, then broke into […]

From the Editor’s Couch: Contestants for Mayor Heard

Ellison and Dudley Moore are roughly the same height.

by Lisa Ellison,¬†editor The Daily Reflector held its mayoral debate last night. Lots of people and media attended. Why, even the mayor was there! I was pleased to get a seat towards the front, between two people I know and was glad to see, even if briefly. The questions were good, covering topics from planning […]

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