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Mitchell Talks About Time on Council

Dennis Mitchell

by Lisa Ellison Dennis Mitchell, the one-term At-Large City Council representative (2011-2013) sat down with the Greenville Guardian on Tuesday and said a little about his experience on council and what might be next for him. Did you like being on council? I did. I guess now that I’m off I probably appreciate it and enjoy […]

Mubarak, Morsi and Military Overthrow: Interview with an Egyptian

An Egyptian protester, courtesy Ahmad Hammoud, Creative Commons.

Editor’s note: The United States government this week temporarily suspended military aid to Egypt in response to the Egyptian army’s ouster of democratically elected President Mohammed Morsi, and the rounding up and jailing of members of the Muslim Brotherhood earlier this year. The events were the latest twist in Egypt’s continuing struggle for democracy after […]

Wayne Bowers: BMW Comes to Spartanburg

Part two of a discussion with former Greenville City Manager Wayne Bowers, who resigned February 29. (Part One is here. Full series schedule here.) By Anthony Noel GREENVILLE GUARDIAN: So after your time in Tallahassee, then six years as city manager in Jacksonville Beach [Fla.] and a little over a year in Huntington [W.Va.], you […]

Exit Interview: Wayne Bowers

Wayne Bowers

From the Editor: During a two-week period in mid-January, three of Greenville’s key municipal managers announced their resignations: Police Chief William Anderson on January 13; Public Works Director Wes Anderson (no relation) on the 27th; and in between, on the 20th, City Manager Wayne Bowers. With interim appointees now in all three positions, it is […]

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