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And So It Begins…

Guardian Staff Report The November election proved a turning point for Greenville’s city council. Marion Blackburn, who held the district 3 seat since 2009, was replaced by 23-year-old McLean Godley. In D5, 32-year-old P.J. Connelly defeated one-termer Dr. Richard Croskery, who won the seat in 2013. It remains to be seen how the new mix […]

At Large: Anderson Attacks, Mercer Cries Foul


By Dennis Mitchell Election Correspondent The race for the lone city council seat representing all of Greenville pits incumbent Calvin Mercer against newcomer Erik Anderson. Mercer has the distinction of serving on city council for four consecutive terms, three as the representative from District 4, and now as the At-Large representative. This is Anderson’s first […]

Tonight and Tomorrow: Smith vs. Barrow on GPAT

Questioners Keith Cooper of the Benevolence Corps converses with former city councilor and Guardian election correspondent Dennis Mitchell prior to last week's debate (photo: Jake Postma)

Last Saturday’s debate between district 1 city council incumbent Kandie Smith and challenger Patrice Barrow will be broadcast in its entirety several times this weekend on GPAT-TV 23. The session, the first in a series of debates among candidates for city council, runs just over an hour. It airs Friday at 7 and 11 p.m., and […]

Religion and Politics

Creative Commons photo. A Jack o' Lantern made for the Holywell Manor Halloween celebrations in 2003. Photograph by Toby Ord on 31 Oct 2003.

The close proximity among Halloween, Election Day and Thanksgiving puts me in mind of a particular former (and now late) in-law. I’ll call him Bill. Bill was a man of many opinions. None was sensible. Most were racist. Bill believed the only mistake Richard Nixon made was getting caught. He believed affirmative action was unfair to whites. […]

UPDATED: The roof, the roof, the roof…

UPDATED: The roof, the roof, the roof…

By Anthony Noel UPDATE, AUGUST 7, 11:14 a.m.: The confidentiality charges of Greenville Mayor Allen Thomas, PGV Executive Director Jerry Vickers and Councilor Dennis Mitchell, questioned here yesterday as politically motivated (original post below), just lost what modicum of credence any thinking Greenville resident might still have assigned them. As this clip shows, Mr. Vickers […]

Circus Maximus

This photo belongs to City of Greenville, NC. Photo by Steve Hawley

Greenville city councilmember Max Joyner played to pity in attempting to justify the last-minute pay raise council granted itself and the mayor at its June 14th meeting. Check out the meeting video. Click here, then advance the video to the 1:44:45 mark. Joyner says: “If you’re going to put me in charge of a $114 […]

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