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Protesters to Picket at Roses Express

Protesters outside a Pope-owned store in Durham, Dec. 9. Photo: Jake Gellar-Goad

By Lisa Ellison, Editor You’ve probably heard about the Moral Monday movement–the Monday protests held in Raleigh throughout the spring and summer to bring attention to legislation in the General Assembly viewed as regressive by protesters. Now the driving force behind Moral Monday, the North Carolina NAACP, has expanded the protests to include informational picketing […]

Human Rights Event Planned

The Association of Mexicans in North Carolina (AMEXCAN) is partnering with Witness for Peace Southeast, Pitt County NAACP and eight other organizations on Monday, April 2 to sponsor the Greenville Pilgrimage for Justice and Peace. This event is part of a 6-day 100-mile event to raise awareness for immigration reform, fair trade policies, and human […]

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