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University Neighborhood Residents Fight Back

University Neighborhood Residents Fight Back

On behalf of a group of homeowners, Ward and Smith has filed a request for information with the City of Greenville concerning the recent council decision to expand the definition of family in a small portion of the University area (the so called three-unrelated ordinance). John Martin and Derek Allen are the homeowners’ legal representatives at […]

Council to Vote on Occupancy Rules

photo: City of Greenville

by Lisa Wilbourne A long-debated proposal to change the occupancy rules in one Greenville neighborhood will be decided tonight. City council will vote on what’s known as the University Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (UNRI), proposed two months ago by councilor Max Joyner. Under the proposal, homes meeting certain criteria and located in a neighborhood stretching from […]

Joyner’s motion

Joyner’s motion

The Greenville Guardian has obtained a copy of the motion presented by Councilor Max Joyner at last night’s meeting. It passed with support from Joyner, Rose Glover, Dennis Mitchell and Kandie Smith. Marion Blackburn and Calvin Mercer voted against it.  Have a look. Make a comment. What’s good? What’s not so good?  The Greenville Guardian encourages […]

The Unclaimed Action Item: Who’s Behind the Staff Directive

The Unclaimed Action Item: Who’s Behind the Staff Directive

by Lisa Wilbourne In March, Greenville City Council gave city staff the order “to present … code amendment alternatives to permit more than 3 unrelated persons occupancy in residential structures.” ————————- ANALYSIS ————————- As part of their research, which included gathering background information on the current standard and a survey of similar communities, staff held […]

Op-Ed: Focus Should Be on Solutions to Area’s Problems

Dennis Mitchell

By Dennis Mitchell Over the last few weeks in our community, people have been embroiled in a debate over whether or not to keep the current policy of allowing no more than 3 unrelated people to live in a single-family home. After meeting with groups and individuals to hear their arguments surrounding the rule, I […]

Op-Ed: We Need the ‘Rule of Three’ but That’s Just a Start

photo by Aileen Devlin / courtesy of the Daily Reflector

By Marion Blackburn Call it the “Summer of Three.” No more than three, that is. All summer, Greenville has been abuzz about possibly changing the ordinance that says only three unrelated people can share a house. That’s because in August, City Council will reconsider this city policy. The request to re-evaluate it came in March when […]

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