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Ideas For Now Thru New Year’s

Ideas For Now Thru New Year’s

Okay: The boxes and gift wrap are in the recycle bin. One more bite of turkey or ham and you’ll explode. And your holiday guests? They could have saved these days for a blowout summer vacation. But no. They’re. Still. Here. If you have a new appreciation for the old truism about friends, family and […]

Election 2015: Blackburn on Local Business and Economic Investment

Marion Blackburn, District 3

Editor’s note: Today, the first day of filing for municipal elections, brought six hopefuls to the Board of Elections. Terry Boardman, who is challenging Rick Smiley for District 4 was the only person not currently serving to file. Incumbents Mayor Allen Thomas, at-large councilor Calvin Mercer, D4’s Smiley, D3’s Marion Blackburn and D1’s Kandie Smith […]

Election 2015: Blackburn Will Run

Blackburn currently holds the District 3 seat. She intends to run for re-election.

by Guardian staff Editor’s note, 9:20 a.m., 7/3/2015: In an email this morning, Blackburn acknowledged the questions and says she will “most definitely” answer.  In a press release received yesterday July 2, Marion Blackburn became the first candidate to announce her intention to run for Greenville City Council this fall. Candidate filing formally opens at […]

Question Austerity

Question Austerity

Though some might hate to admit it, there are certain things government does best. Tonight city council will take up the future of Bradford Creek Golf Course, a city-owned and -operated facility that some have cited as an expense Greenville cannot afford. Apparently taking their cue from the national (indeed, international) trend that has seen […]

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