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Will Barrow Distinguish Herself from Smith?

Will Barrow Distinguish Herself from Smith?

D1 Candidates Debate Saturday by Dennis Mitchell, Election Correspondent and Lisa Ellison, Editor The first debate in our City Council Debate Series, co-sponsored by the Minority Voice, is coming up fast—Saturday morning, actually. District 1, one of two “majority minority” districts in the city, is comprised largely of Greenville north of the Tar River, an […]

(Most) Candidates Embrace Debates

photo: City of Greenville

by Lisa Ellison Editor September 2 update: Patrice Barrow accepted. McLean Godley, Angela Williams and Mayor Allen Thomas will not be participating in debates. Original story: After we at the Guardian posted this invitation to Greenville city council candidates to participate in a series of debates, I followed up with each each candidate by e-mail. I expected […]

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