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Commission Okays Live Performance Venues

The property in question in question is marked with a gray pin.

by Brittney Melton Guardian intern Live performance venues are one step closer to becoming a reality in Greenville. On March 17, the Planning and Zoning commission unanimously approved a text amendment to allow concerts, plays, operas musicals and other performance art at permitted theaters downtown. There are a few requirements venues applying for the special […]

What’s Smart for Greenville? Preserving and Acquiring Flood Plains

Flooded housing development in Greenville, NC after Hurricane Floyd in September 1999. Photo credit: FEMA

By Jerry Weitz Guardian op-ed contributor The City of Greenville has a hazard mitigation plan, adopted initially in 2001, then revised and re-adopted in 2004. An update of the plan was prepared in 2010 and adopted by the Greenville City Council on June 10, 2011. The 2010 plan was managed by the city’s community development […]

UPDATED: More Actual Journalism

UPDATED: More Actual Journalism

By Anthony Noel Allen Thomas’ inferred lack of awareness of his duty to step down as Pitt County’s ETJ representative on the Greenville Planning and Zoning Commission upon moving out of the ETJ in 2011 becomes a little harder to understand based on the minutes of P&Z’s February 2011 meeting. Previous reporting indicates that Thomas […]

“Objective” vs. Actual Journalism

“Objective” vs. Actual Journalism

By Anthony Noel Preface Nobody ever got into journalism for the money. That old saw, sadly true, begs (among the uninitiated, anyway) the question, “Then why do they?” Altruistic as it may sound, I am completely convinced that people get into journalism because they believe, initially at least and above all else, in the public’s […]

Council to Vote on Occupancy Rules

photo: City of Greenville

by Lisa Wilbourne A long-debated proposal to change the occupancy rules in one Greenville neighborhood will be decided tonight. City council will vote on what’s known as the University Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (UNRI), proposed two months ago by councilor Max Joyner. Under the proposal, homes meeting certain criteria and located in a neighborhood stretching from […]

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