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Alliterative Academics Assemble

Alliterative Academics Assemble

by Lisa Wilbourne Last night, May 31, seven faculty members from ECU’s English department participated in the first Pirate Prof Pack–a group of creative writers interested in reading their work publicly. The twenty or so people gathered in the performance area of the Tipsy Teapot heard a variety of styles from verbal snapshots: poetry not […]

Clarity Within Chaos: Megan Roberts’ “Matters of Record”

"Matters of Record" cover art by Chris Samia

By Lisa Wilbourne In “Matters of Record,” a recently published collection of nineteen poems, Megan Roberts gives each subject, all women found guilty of murder and executed from years spanning 1860 to 2005, a final touch of humanity. Taking a quote from a play of French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, Roberts opens her slim volume preparing […]

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